[darina_dropcap]A[/darina_dropcap]ccording to a study, 70-80% of the day of an adult is spent in one form of communication or the other, 55% of this is usually devoted to listening. It is also a fact that 85% of what we have learnt is from listening.

In Nigeria, our typical day begins at 4.30am and we spend about 6 hours on the road – mostly in traffic. It becomes difficult for us to develop ourselves through reading. In fact, we just struggle to read our academic books while in school just for us to pass the exams. This is also a fallout of the fact that Nigeria is the most stressed country in the world according to Bloomberg.

So when do we want to read our bibles? When would we read books that will make us better persons? No time! You even tried to read this far – the reading attention span of human beings drops almost every year.

So what is the solution?


That is the alternative and an easy one at that, especially if you live in traffic.

Virtually everything you read can also be listened to.

Let’s check them out


Virtually everyone listens to music. According to scientists, music has a lot of benefits some of them are below.

  1. Music causes the release of dopamine which causes ease and relaxation in your body.
  2. Both listening to music and creating music have a positive effect on your brain.
  3. Learning with music can change the physical structure of the brain.
  4.  Listening to music while exercising can enhance your workout performance.
  5. Music helps to keep a memory.

Having read all of these, would you like to listen to some good music? Check  here for some

Spoken word

This is a relatively new genre of art that is fast growing in Nigeria.

It is an art that communicates virtues and morals through an engaging form of poetry where words are literally used as brushes to paint vivid images rhythmically and melodiously. Many young Nigerians are engaged in this, and it is a life-transforming art. Spoken word poetry is unique in the sense that it is both entertaining and educating.

It is like the Pastor’s message preached in rhymes and pictures. Fortunately, most Spoken word artists uphold moral stands.

We have gathered some for you to listen to while doing your normal day to day activities.


Many people get inspired when they listen to good music. Yet, there is a more concentrated source of the word of God that can guide and inspire you to success. Music can help you hear from God or even help in making the right decision but much more than that, a message also helps. When you listen to an accurate message, you hear the word of God in a simplified form.

In other words, listening to a message is like listening to the bible in a simpler language and it is then easier for you to apply the lessons to your daily living. In Nigeria, we have many ministers of God who have dedicated their lives preaching the gospel of Jesus for the eternal good of all men.

At we are mindful of your lifestyle needs so we have gathered some messages for you to listen to. Even though you struggle to read your bible every day, don’t forget to plug in your earpiece and listen to a message. This will help you stay connected to your God and prevent you from making wrong decisions. The word of God is life. it has direction and it is able to build you. (Acts 20:32)


Do you prefer to listen to the Bible itself rather than to listen to a message? We got you covered.

On youlaif’s bible page, you can listen to the bible live, or download the audio bible on any of your devices.

Have a look.


Do you love hymns? So we do. Regardless of the contemporary advancement to music, hymns are still evergreen and a very important part of Christian life. How do you feel when listening to a hymn? Well, there is just something spectacular about hymns. According to history, most of our Christian hymns are written by saints very devoted Christians. For instance, Charles Wesley wrote 8,989 hymns this is about three times the literary pieces poet William Wordsworth.

You would have also noticed that hymns are universal. They have the same lyrics and tunes all across different churches because most of them were written by individuals, very few hymns can be acclaimed to be composed by specific denominations. Check here to download and listen to some hymns.

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