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When will it happen?

Jesus is coming soon. The rapture of the saints is near. All of that sounds like a ‘cliche’, but they are not. Remember the story of Noah in the Bible, how he warned people about the flood, but they refused to believe him. Eventually, the flood came, and they were all surprised. In this documentary on rapture, you will see some amazing facts that are undeniable.

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Who is Qualified to Win Souls?

This question assumes that there is a qualification for someone to win a soul and lays a focus on ‘who’ is going to win a soul. But the truth about…

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Tithing Calculator

  About the Tithing Calculator This tithing calculator helps you determine how much you should pay as tithe. It also helps in deducting your offering and other forms of giving…

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How much is Rhapsody of Realities?

One physical copy of Rhapsody of Realities by Pastor Chris costs N300 (Nigerian Naira). See other prices below: Premium subscription on mobile App The premium subscription on the Rhapsody app…

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What is ceflix.org?

Ceflix.org is a video sharing platform that is owned by Loveworld Incorporated, otherwise known as Christ Embassy. Ceflix.org is similar to YouTube as it allows users to create accounts and…

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