11 Alternatives to Loom money [for Christians]

loom money

Loom money is now the Messiah of many Nigerians! In the midst of poverty, hopelessness, stress, violence, terrorist attack and a blooming rate of suicide many young Nigerians have decided to take solace in this new ‘Money Making Machine’. Many are not unaware of the previous crowdfunding schemes which existed before now, MMM, Ultimatecycler,  Claritta, … Read more

46 Short Suicide Quotes

suicide quote

These 46 Short Suicide Quotes are meant to be read and meditated on, please tell us what you think in the comment box after reading the 46th one. Suicide Quote 1 When thinking of suicide, you need to think thrice not twice. Suicide Quote 2 Life is naturally unfair, if the troubles it brings are … Read more

Shola Allyson Speaks on Depression

Is Shola Allyson dead?

Is Shola Allyson dead? See what she (Shola Allyson) has to say. This suicide thing… I was suicidal before. Oh, I know pain, ha. And I spoke out. I did. I opened up badly, very badly. I bared it all. The way it was doing me… So that it would be seen that I was … Read more

Should Christians Fast during Ramadan?

To some persons, it might be funny for a Christian to ask “Should Christians Fast during Ramadan?” but this an honest question worthy to be given a thought. What is Ramadan? Ramadan is the time of the year Muslims all over the world observe some self-restraints from ‘worldly pleasures’ and focus their minds on prayers … Read more

How to Become a Christian

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Being a Christian does not mean the following: Being born into a particular Christian denomination attending a church regularly for many years Being a member of a family where everybody is either a Pastor or a Minister of God [Shockingly] joining a crowd at a call for those who want to give their life to … Read more

Ethical Porn: How it works!

ethical porn

There is a sudden growth of a new philosophy called ‘ethical porn’. According to Dr David Ley’s – a clinical psychologist in Albuquerque, New Mexico; AASECT certified sex therapist and supervisor, and executive director of New Mexico Solutions “In terms of production, ethical porn is a media where the performers are paid a fair wage … Read more