7 Easy Steps to Discovering your Purpose as a Christian

One big issue people have is recognizing their purpose.

First of all, there is one person who knows your purpose more than you do. The Inventor of an Invention has a better definition of the purpose of his invention than the invention itself. God created all men, only Him knows the exact reason why every single person on earth is created.

Every human has a specific purpose. So let’s see the steps to recognizing your purpose.

1. You must have a relationship with the one who knows your purpose. God created you, He knows you best. If you want to kickstart a relationship with your creator, send a DM.

2. The next step is to accept that knowing your purpose is simple. You don’t need to fast for 40 days & nights to recognize it.

3. There is a general-purpose for which every man was created and a particular purpose as well.

4. The general purpose is found in the scriptures, Rev. 4:11. God created all things and & His pleasure they exist and were created.

5. So if you have not discovered your particular purpose yet, start with the general and you will see yourself fulfilling the particular.

6. While in the process of living for the pleasure of God, you will find yourself fulfilling it in a particular way that is unique to you. This is because you are the only one like you. The talents you have, your skills, your experience will all contribute to how you give pleasure to God and those are the factors that determine your particular purpose.

Let me give an example, If you have a plot of land with different house building materials like concrete blocks, bags of cement, roofing sheets, cables etc on it and you bring different handymen to the site, each of them will be attracted to different materials that are provided. Unconsciously, they will begin to imagine what they can do with the materials on ground even without you saying anything. Eventually, they will all build a house which is the general purpose.

7. Your particular purpose will be discovered while pursuing the general. Your particular purpose will as well lead to the general.

So regardless of where you want to start from, either the particular or the general, just start.

Giving God Pleasure

As I said, all things are created for the pleasure of God.

What exactly is the pleasure of God?

1. The pleasure of God is that all men should have eternal life.

2. This life is His very life.

3. So it means that when they have this life, they become one with Him. There is a oneness with Him.

4. As a result of being one with Him, they live like Him. They have His authority & power which He delegated to them.

5. The cool evening fellowship that God longed for in Eden, is hence restored in a grand way. God wants to now live with man & have a constant relationship, fellowship, communication and love-life with him.

6. The pleasure of God is knowing God, acknowledging who He is, accepting His Identity & proclaiming it. We proclaim it by living like Him, when we live like Him we are declaring that He is Lord over us & that He is the Most High and He knows the best way for one to live. We also proclaim these in words, in deep admiration, in meditation, in beautiful words of veneration, in music/melodies, in paintings, in dancing, in any way we can. This is what we call Praise & Worship. It’s simply acknowledging who God is & proclaiming it in any way we can.

7. We can acknowledge this as well by being excellent at what we do because He is excellent & we, therefore, want to be like Him. A child who imitates His father makes the father happy because his imitation shows that he sees His father as higher and better.

8. Because we know that living like Him is the best, we also want others to know about Him & live like Him. It’s like a child who wants everyone to be like His father. That itself is an act of honor & worship. The father will feel happy seeing his child getting other children to live like Him.

9. We give Him, pleasure by doing what He says and one of His major commands, in fact, His last command was ‘go into the world & preach the gospel to the nations’. That’s His pleasure.

It buoys down to 1 thing that looks like 2 – lovingly living like Him and lovingly getting others to live like Him.

Giving Him pleasure is to live the GOSPEL and preach the GOSPEL.

About the author

Michael Adegoke is a Christian Creative. He is passionate about changing lives through the infallible Word of God. He finds joy in helping others. His journey with Christ started at the early age of 15. Michael is also a WordPress Expert and he also enjoys teaching everything he knows. Check out his website for more information.

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