This might sound so awkward

But this silence is deafening

Cos my eardrums do no longer have the choice to

Listen to what they want…

I mean to pick up suitable sounds,

Cos all they can make up from all these are ‘crickety’ sounds,

Annoying chirping sounds like one coming from busy body birds.


I’m in a strange land

A complete stranger, a wanderer, a J.J.C

And the feeling I have now is worse than one you get

When everyone sitting laughs at a boring joke

And you are like “what’s funny?”

But I know I’m not the only one feeling this way

We are many

When I say many

I mean not ‘hundred’ but billions of persons

Hungry to hear a familiar voice

That will spring up flowers from this desert

To be admired and remembered by all forever


But all we hear is something

That we cannot identify as a thing

Telling us to do an to see strange things


Telling the guys the only thing they should visualize and picture on their plane minds are nude pictures,

and the girls to attach fake body parts, just for attention


It’s like putting a bone in front of a dog

Yes! a dog, that’s what they make out of them,


Telling them that the only thing to do with time is uploading senseless status all day, like “whether for two and…”


But can you actually blame them?

You should blame you, you and you,

Sitting down there with many ideas locked up in your head

I mean positive ideas that can reposition the world

Re-RIGHT, R.I.G.H.T wrongs

Create a HIGH story from History

I also mean words that can transform deformed minds


But you sit there

Burying your mind in this casket of solitude

Embedded in this graveyard of silence

You stay there like a dam

And let these people flow with the awful tide

Cos this shore knows that the ocean will

Still, come kissing more than a hundred times

No matter how much it tries to run away

And the funny thing is (you don’t know)

You are responsible for each and every one of them that this tide carries away

Because you watch them drown in this deadly ocean

When you could give each of them a life jacket


(Solemn pause, free)

I would like you to picture this:

Imagine God allowed the Israelites to drown when he could have saved them

How sickening it would have been

But he broke the ‘silence’ and showed them his love

Yes! Love

Love is much more than the words of love we speak

Locking up the reality in ‘silence’

More than the fanciful covering of gifts you present

To your friends, family or even that ‘him’ or ‘her’

But this break of silence is the best you can give to anyone you love

(Switch tone)

Of course you do not wish or imagine anyone of them dead (I mean your loved ones) do you?

But your silence can kill these ones you love faster than a poison would,

So if you sincerely love,

Break the SILENCE!


About the author

Michael Adegoke is a Christian Creative. He is passionate about changing lives through the infallible Word of God. He finds joy in helping others. His journey with Christ started at the early age of 15. Michael is also a WordPress Expert and he also enjoys teaching everything he knows. Check out his website for more information.

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