A2 Hosting Nigerian Review 2022

My name is Michael Adegoke. In this post, I want to share my honest and sincere opinions about A2 Hosting.

I started building websites in 2013, and that has given me experience with both local and foreign hosting providers.

Kindly note that I build websites with only WordPress so the review I am providing is based on my experience with using WordPress to build websites.


For Nigerians, one of the major factors we consider in buying a product or service is the cost. The first web host I used is Qservers, it is actually cheap and their service is the best so far. They do have 24/7 customer service that is effective. However, I noticed that their uptime wasn’t good enough for me and the space I needed for my site had exceeded the 2G which their starter pack provided so I decided to go with another Host. After Qservers, I moved to Siteground together with a friend. When the one year elapsed, we couldn’t continue because Siteground increased its rates heavily.

This is what forced me to carry out thorough research on several hosting companies until I discovered A2 Hosting. A2 Hosting has a package that allows you to host an unlimited number of websites for just about N50, 000 – N60, 000. The Qservers plan I used earlier starts from N7, 000 which allows you to host one website but being able to host multiple websites with A2 Hosting is far better for me.

There are other hosting companies that provide a similar package to that of A2 Hosting but none has the number of features they have at such a low amount. For instance, Siteground has a similar package for a higher price and a smaller amount of inodes. Siteground allows you to have 300, 000 inodes while A2 hosting offers you 600, 000. But Hosting company claims to allow you to have unlimited storage, but this unlimited storage cannot be used once the files you have consumed all the inodes you have, that was my experience with Siteground.

After I switched to A2 Hosting I can say that I have had more comfort and rest of mind.

As usual, the renewal price was more than the first purchase but even at that, they gave me a 20% discount and I was super excited.


All my websites load at a very good speed. The one that takes the longest time to load is this one (youlaif.com) mainly because of Google Adsense but the other ones (michaeladegoke.me, usacalculators.com, influensaa.com, draganddope.co.uk) load in less than 3 seconds. Interestingly, A2 Hosting has an already speed-optimized WordPress package for WordPress users. They have a special plugin called ‘A2 Optimized WP‘ which makes that possible. The speed is really good for any high traffic site.

A2 Hosting Speed vs Siteground Speed

I enjoyed the same level of speed I had with Siteground on A2 Hosting. So I can say in terms of speed they have the same quality. Just like A2 Hosting, SIteground also has a speed optimization plugin for WordPress called ‘SG Optimizer‘. So if you want the same speed Siteground offers but a cheaper price go for A2 Hosting.

Customer Service

A2 Hosting has excellent customer service. There is no flattery about this, in fact, I got a complimentary free service from them while migrating my site from Siteground. The size of my site at that time was 8G and it exceeded the size permitted for a free transfer and they still migrated it for me for free. Recently, I had an issue paying with my card, I reported to them and they gave me a 20% discount. They have a live chat system that they respond to immediately even after you have submitted a support ticket.

A2 Hosting Support vs Siteground Support

Response time

From my experience, both Siteground and A2 have high-quality customer service but they are 2 major differences I noticed. Siteground live chat always has more people in queue than the live chat of A2 Hosting. Maybe Siteground has more customers and hence, more problems to resolve but it takes a longer time for me to get a response from Siteground Live chat than from A2 Hosting Live Chat. The truth is when I eventually reach Siteground they make sure they resolve the issue but A2 Hosting response time is faster.

Complimentary Service

I never got any extra out of the way service from Siteground throughout the 1 year I used their service but I have gotten 3 from A2 Hosting in 2 years. First, while migrating my site and second, a 20% discount while renewing my hosting. The third was when I newly paid for the hosting, I discovered that the data centre I chose was too far from Nigeria and my site speed wasn’t good, normally I shouldn’t be able to change it, but they did change the data centre for me anyway.

All of those complementary services are life-savers. Each of them would have cost me a lot if not that the Customer Reps were able to help. For instance, if they didn’t change the data center I would have had to pay for another hosting and choose a different data centre.


This is the plain truth. My sites are almost always on. A2 Hosting has a great uptime unlike when I was using Nigerian host that my site will be down for as long as 20 minutes.’

Data Centers

A2 Hosting has several data centres. They allow you to choose which data centre you want your site to be hosted on and this also helps you deliver your site to people from a particular region at a high speed. I currently use the Arizona (US West Coast) Data Center and it works well for me. Both my users from Nigeria, USA, Ghana and other countries are well served.


A2 Hosting takes security seriously. They scan all your files daily and let you know if you have a file that needs an update. They also have several security features in their custom plugin that makes your WordPress site hack-proof. The plugin contains a lot of features that would have required you to install many individual plugins.

Immediately you create a new site, an SSL certificate is installed for free. Some other companies require you to pay for SSL Certificate but A2 Hosting offers it to you for free regardless of the number of sites you have.

A2 Optimized WP Plugin

This plugin was created for WordPress sites by the A2 Hosting team.

It is a 3 in one plugin, it helps with the following:

  1. It helps to secure your site.
  2. It helps with caching
  3. It helps with Speed Optimization

Let’s quickly review some of its functions.

Page caching (CACHING)

This makes your site faster by creating copies of your pages on the server such that the process of delivering them to users will be faster. Let me make this simpler. So imagine you have seen a riddle that says:

I’m tall when I’m young and I’m short when I’m old. What am I?

ANSWER: A Candle

The first time you see this riddle, your brain will think and try to find out what the answer is, but the next time you see it you just know what the answer is. Your brain has created a copy of the answer so anytime the riddle comes it just supplies the answer without carrying out another process of figuring out what the riddle means. This is how page caching works. The brain in this case is the server, the ones asking for the answer to the riddle are the devices trying to access your web pages.

With this feature, you don’t need to install any caching plugin like WP Fastest Cache and the likes/

Gzip Compression (SPEED)

This helps your font load faster by compressing them.

Minify HTML Pages & Minify Inline CSS and Javascript (SPEED)

This is the core of speed optimization. These 2 features are very important to making your sites super fast, I have tried them and they work perfectly. With these, you may not need ‘Autoptimize’ except for a few other features.

Dequeue WooCommerce Cart Fragments AJAX calls (SPEED)

If you use WooCommerce, this feature makes your site faster by reducing the resources your add to cart button will consume. It is very essential if you have woocommerce installed.

There is a separate plugin for this but A2 Optimized WP plugin has eliminated the need for it.

Block Unauthorized XML-RPC Requests (SECURITY)

This is a security feature that you should normally need a different plugin for, but having this all in one plugin has eliminated the need for that. Every site should have this turned on.

There is a separate plugin for this but A2 Optimized WP plugin has eliminated the need for it.

Deny Direct Access to Configuration Files and Comment Form (SECURITY)

Several hackers try to access your theme files through malicious codes inputted into comment forms and some other sinister methods, enabling this makes it impossible for them to access your theme, plugin and core files. This is a necessity for every WordPress site.

Lock Editing of Plugins and Themes from the WP Admin (SECURITY)

Some hackers are able to create administrative privileges for themselves even without accessing your wp-admin dashboard, enabling this feature makes it impossible for them to access your site’s codes.

There is a separate plugin for this but A2 Optimized WP plugin has eliminated the need for it.

reCAPTCHA on comments and login (SECURITY)

This feature helps you prevent spam and malicious comments. You would need to create a Recaptcha account with Google to activate it.

There are some other features on the plugin that are exclusive to A2 Hosting.

See a preview of the plugin below.

If you need more information about A2 Hosting you can click here or contact their customer service.

If you would like to buy a hosting service from them click here.

If you need help in designing or hosting your website, you can contact me.

My personal website is www.michaeladegoke.me