What are Para-ministries or Para-churches?

The body of Christ was instituted to bring life to men, and that life is a full one. A Christian is someone who has received the very life of God whether he sees it or not. This means he has received the ability to live a perfect life. Perfect in all ramifications including mentally, financially, socially, morally, health-wise, and in every other area you…

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The Humanity of Christians

Humanity has to do with the attribute of being humane. By humane, we mean possessing feelings of sympathy, empathy and natural love for fellow human beings. A human being has a Spirit which animates his body for activities on earth. He also has a mind which helps with reasoning and also making life decisions. Both the Spirit and the mind are housed in a…

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The Absoluteness of Truth

Truth is absolute. By this, I mean that there is an outright fact about every entity that exists in the universe. There is one true conclusive part to every argument, regardless of the logic employed in the argument or the facts upon which the argument is based. There are no mystical truths that nobody can know, not every argument is to be left dangling…

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Holding a Church Service Online [A Complete Guide]

The more technology advances, the more it changes the way people do things. Almost everything has advanced alongside with technology even the way church services are held. Holding a service online is not just convenient for your members that cannot make it to church as a result of age, distance or other factors. It can be the only option for your church especially during…

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7 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Church in Nigeria

Choosing a local church to attend can be a really daunting task to undertake especially here in Nigeria. This is because there are different kinds of churches and denominations with different belief systems and teachings. Whether you are relocating, or you a new convert, or someone that just needs a fresh start this post would guide you in making your decision by considering the…

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Is the Rapture Real?

To those who are still questioning whether rapture is real or not, this is just a warning. I just want to remind you that there will be no time for you to argue after the rapture has taken place. In fact, all the people you were arguing with would have been caught up with Jesus. Wait a minute, what does it cost you to…

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IPPC 2020 Grand Finale with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
ippc 2020 grand finale

IPPC 2020 Grand Finale with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

  During the IPPC 2020 - Grand Finale, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome revealed many amazing truths about the freemasons and their plan to take over the world, the plan to crumble the world economy and put the whole earth under fear. It is no news that a COVID 21 is said to surface by next year and they plan to have more lockdowns that are…

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Rapture Documentary [A Revelation]
documentary on rapture

Rapture Documentary [A Revelation]

The Rapture Documentary was produced by Loveworld Nation and was first aired during the Global day of Prayer in September 2020. Jesus is coming soon. The rapture of the saints is near. All of that sounds like a 'cliche', but they are not. Remember the story of Noah in the Bible; how he warned people about the flood but they refused to believe him,…

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