Cryptocurrency and the Christian Faith

cryptocurrency in the bible

Cryptocurrency is not just a digital form or equivalent of the regular currencies that we have. It is not a digital version of USD, EURO, POUNDS or any other currency. It exists on its own and it is 100% invisible. Of course, it can be converted into regular currencies and be spent as notes or … Read more

Pastor Chris WhatsApp Number

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the Founder and the President of Loveworld Inc., also known as Christ Embassy. Don’t let anyone deceive you, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome does not have a WhatsApp number. In fact, He instructs members to use the Christ Embassy-owned Kingschat and not to use WhatsApp. All Christ Embassy members are supposed to be … Read more

Learn Web Design with WordPress

Web Design with WordPress A Training organised by Michael Adegoke (Founder of 2022 is here and you should start achieving your goals immediately. The coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is near and we need to invest all the resources we have into the expansion of His kingdom as much as we can and … Read more

Who sang way maker?

Who sang Waymaker?

Sinach! Many people have done the cover of ‘waymaker’ by Sinach but the original song was written and sung by Sinach. Interestingly, some of the covers, renditions or remixes have gained global popularity such that the original singer is difficult for some to trace. The song has been covered by Michael W. Smith, Hillsong, Leeland, … Read more

Morning Motivation by Michael Adegoke

We live in difficult times and the hope of many fades away as the days go by. This ‘Morning Motivation by Michael Adegoke’ reminds you not to give up. See the transcription below TRANSCRIPTION Good morning my friend, this is a new day. This is a new opportunity to bring out success out of the … Read more

Understanding the Metaverse as a Christian


What is the Metaverse? One of the major projectors of the Metaverse is Mark Zuckerberg who has even rebranded his entire company around Metaverse with a new name ‘Meta’. Metaverse is a new Universe. It’s a new kind of universe where you can carry out your physical activities in a digital way with the aid … Read more