Arkflix: All you need to know


Is Arkflix the new Christian Netflix? Well, I really cannot emphatically say ‘yes’ now but I hope to someday very soon. Arkflix is a Christian movie streaming site. It’s somewhat like a Netflix that shows only Christian movies.       That is my own conclusion anyway. They actually did not describe themselves as a … Read more

Simple Questions we Need to ask about COV ID-1 9

Michael AdegokeI am a Christian. A happy WordPress Expert who was a Graphics Designer. I write (I have books on Amazon), create WordPress calculators (, run a Digital Agency (, and do a whole lot of other digital stuff. I am passionate about changing lives through the infallible Word of God. Do you need my … Read more

The Humanity of Christians

Humanity has to do with the attribute of being humane. By humane, we mean possessing feelings of sympathy, empathy and natural love for fellow human beings. A human being has a Spirit which animates his body for activities on earth. He also has a mind which helps with reasoning and also making life decisions. Both … Read more

The Absoluteness of Truth

Truth is absolute. By this, I mean that there is an outright fact about every entity that exists in the universe. There is one true conclusive part to every argument, regardless of the logic employed in the argument or the facts upon which the argument is based. There are no mystical truths that nobody can … Read more

Is the Rapture Real?

To those who are still questioning whether rapture is real or not, this is just a warning. I just want to remind you that there will be no time for you to argue after the rapture has taken place. In fact, all the people you were arguing with would have been caught up with Jesus. … Read more