Gospel Promoters in Nigeria

You will agree with me that it’s not enough to just sing and not allow it to get to your target audience. It would only seem like you sang to yourself and no one else. But for the fact that your message was dispersed just like a wind carrying a seed to be planted elsewhere, … Read more

Learn Web Design with WordPress

Web Design with WordPress A Training organised by Michael Adegoke (Founder of youlaif.com) 2022 is here and you should start achieving your goals immediately. The coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is near and we need to invest all the resources we have into the expansion of His kingdom as much as we can and … Read more

Understanding the Metaverse as a Christian


What is the Metaverse? One of the major projectors of the Metaverse is Mark Zuckerberg who has even rebranded his entire company around Metaverse with a new name ‘Meta’. Metaverse is a new Universe. It’s a new kind of universe where you can carry out your physical activities in a digital way with the aid … Read more

A Christian Guide to Worship

Christian Guide to Worship

What is Worship Worship is something that is given. If worship is given, it means that 2 parties are involved, a giver and a receiver. The receiver in this case is the almighty God, we humans are the giver. We are the ones that do the worship, in other words, we carry out the ‘action’ … Read more

Loveworld Singers MP3 Download

All of my Days by Loveworld Singers MP3 Download All the Glory by Loveworld Singers MP3 Download Awesome God by Loveworld Singers MP3 Download Bless the Lord oh my Soul by Loveworld Singers MP3 Download Beautiful God by Loveworld Singers MP3 Download Center of my Love by Loveworld Singers MP3 Download Communion by Loveworld Singers … Read more

I kneel for you by GODLEGEND (prod.by barmy)

Download mp3 below:   Lyrics How many believe he’s the greatest? Yes I believe, he’s awesome! Uh, uh, uh…my, the greatest (Tongues) You are the greatest physician, When you heal you heal the cause, aka n’agwo oria Esekpuolom gi Ocean divider, the ancient of the days, you are my greatest Redeemer Esekpuolom gi. Lead guitar … Read more


RHAPSODY OF REALITIES DAILY DEVOTIONAL INSPIRE LOVE SATURDAY, May 29TH. Pastor Chris And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works (Hebrews 10:24). In Christianity, we provoke one another to love, to produce works of righteousness. We don’t provoke to hate, anger, jealousy or malice. Don’t provoke someone else to … Read more