Commentary on Matthew 22:11-14

Verse 11

It should be noted that this King who is God the Father came to see these guests not in heaven because the Guest couldn’t have wormed his way into heaven. This man had not the wedding garment not because he didn’t have access to it, but he refused to wear it. On a normal day, every man is supposed to have public event garment in those days where Jesus lived. This man refused to get the public event garment. In addition, Hosts of events do have excess garments which they provide for those who don’t have garments but come to their events. It is a great dishonour for this garment to be rejected. Rejection of the garment means “my ordinary garment am wearing is even better than the feast garment you are offering me”. Apparently, this man must have been offered a garment if he passed through the normal entrance, but he rejected it.


The word ‘church’ has two applications, the first being the assembly (ekklesia) of people who are calling on the name of God-but this does not mean they all have a relationship with God. There are some of them who do not ‘discern the Lord’s body’ in the Church-this set Paul talked about in 1 Cor. 12; because of their lack of understanding of what Jesus has done,  they fall sick and they die-not being able to appropriate the healing they have through the Cross of Jesus. These ones are Christians even though they lack understanding. There is another set that does not even have a relationship with God at all, they have not gone through the only way-Jesus Christ. They depend on their self-righteous act to save them and not Jesus, they may not say this but their actions show this. These ones are not Christians. The last set is those who have gone through Jesus and have a relationship with Him totally trusting in Him for everything. All these ones are called out-in fact the whole received ‘a call’ from God to accept Jesus, but not all pick the phone call.

The Second application of the word ‘church’ is the group of people who have gone through Jesus Christ and will be wedded to Jesus Christ their bridegroom. This is the real church, the former is just a nomenclature to denote a set of people who claim to be Christians. The real church will be seen at the end of time – a beautiful one without spot and blemish.

In this parable we are not talking about the Church in heaven (the real church), we are talking about the so-called ‘church’ here on earth. The man couldn’t have found his way here if it were heaven. This man is like the people who receive to accept the garment of Righteousness offered to them by Jesus but chose to keep wearing their filthy garment of righteousness. He dishonoured the blood and cross of Jesus and went further to deceive God. This man cannot be forgiven because this is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit- a denial and rejection of the Gift of Jesus. As he rejected the garment, He also rejected the giver who in this light is Jesus Christ and His precious blood on the cross. He taught God can be mocked, but He was deceived because God-the King identified him.

Verse 12

This man definitely did not come into the right entrance into the banquet hall. Most probably, he went to the main entrance and he was offered the wedding garment but he refused so He could not go in the right way. After that, he went to stealthily go in through another illegal entrance. He thought he could deceive the King by going through a hidden or secret entrance into the banquet hall. If he had successfully stayed at the wedding and enjoyed everything provided, this would have been a great shame to the King. This act in the classical age was not just hideous, it was a punishable offence- that he refused the wedding garment, yet he wormed his way into the feast. This is obviously not heaven because no unclean thing can get into heaven.

This King was just and kind enough to ask “friend (fellow), how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment?” but he was speechless.


Jesus said He is the way, the truth and the life, no one can come to the father- ‘King’ except through him. This man tried to violate this word but He had himself to blame. Same will go to people who like the Jews try to access in the name of their ‘works’ no in the person of Jesus. The banquet is like a selection gathering for ‘Heaven’ but only those who have the garment of righteousness will eventually be qualified. Everybody is called to this selection gathering but not everybody receives the qualifying gift of righteousness from Jesus, so few will be chosen.

Verse 13

This talks about the judgment that will befall those who refuse Jesus and cling to their dirty garments of works. There shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Verse 14

God extended His hands of love to everyone, but only those who come into His embrace of love through the cross of Jesus will be chosen. They are chosen not based on their works but because they chose to rest on Jesus. What qualifies them His the qualification of Jesus himself. So God qualifies them based on the qualification of Himself. Who can meet up to s standard better than the person that set the standard Himself?

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