Confessions for Driving Safely

I am a perfect Driver.

I drive by the Spirit of God.

The Holy Spirit drives through me.

He takes control of my hands and my legs.

He looks through me.

I drive securely.

I drive without accidents.

I don’t hit anyone and no one hits me.

No accident around me, before me, and after me.

I am confident and bold.

I have no fear of any vehicle, big or small.

Jesus is with me always.

Angels guard my car.

No evil comes near my car.

God’s grace speaks for me.

All my errors are supernaturally corrected.

I am excellent.

I am happy when driving.

No anxiety around me.

I learn fast.

I am the best.

I will never be under pressure while driving.

I drive at peace.

Anytime I drive, I drive with joy and I am led forth with Peace.

The Holy Spirit is my Instructor.

I drive for the glory of the Lord.

In Jesus’ Name.


About the author

Michael Adegoke is a Christian Creative. He is passionate about changing lives through the infallible Word of God. He finds joy in helping others. His journey with Christ started at the early age of 15. Michael is also a WordPress Expert and he also enjoys teaching everything he knows. Check out his website for more information.

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