10 Premium Modern CV Design Templates (2021)

Job search is becoming more tedious every day after day with over 1.8 million youths joining the workforce every year.  Getting a job is now a very serious battle that runs by ‘survival of the fittest’. You have to learn to play your game well in order to win. There are many people with the same skill set and degree you have, how can you stand out? How does your CV get noticed amongst the 100, 000 submitted for just one role without connection?

Let me tell you the secret, this is what some people have discovered and why they get the job before you. There is something called modern cv. It is not the regular CV with a basic layout in black and white, it is a type of CV that is crafted to highlight your skills and to promote your personality in less than 10 seconds of contact. This CV is usually designed in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop but because of the technicalities of those software, many persons cannot have a modern cv. But don’t worry about that.

We solved the problem. We studied the best CVS in the world as recommended by HR Professionals and we went through the pain of designing 10 outstanding CVS with MSWord. Wow! That’s awesome. We designed them in Word and the 10 of them will be selling for just N1, 000. If you want your CV customized you can pay N2, 000. If you also need help in customizing your purchased CV, kindly reach us on:

Info@youlaif.com or support@youlaif.com | Call 07011170602

Remember if you have a good CV, you have an 85% chance of being invited for an interview.

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