How to Design & Host a Website with N5, 000

You have a big dream that you have nurtured in your heart for years, but everytime you tried to step out you meet a roadblock when you the web designer presents you with his 150k budget after you have paid the graphics designer 20k to get a logo. You back out, you continue with your 9-5 job and postpone your dream till ‘one day, one day’. 


Your own case might even be that you have some fears, you are not sure the business will work out so you are taking a risk & you are not willing to spend so much on it, N5, 000 is such a low risk for you to take. Who knows…you might just be on your way to telling a story of “how I made N500, 000 with a N5, 000 website in 1 month” by the way the secret I’m showing you can be used to create any kind of website you can think of.


The world has gone digital, if your business is not online chances are that you are not reaching best customers yet. With this tutorial I am going to share with you, you don’t need to pay anyone a huge amount to get a website.



Everyone needs a website, if you are a freelancer you need a portfolio website to showcase your works.You can also use a CV website to apply for your jobs, this gives you an edge over other candidates. You cannot have a proper brand without a website.

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