Dunsin Oyekan's Wife Death

Dunsin Oyekan’s Wife Death

Dunsin Oyekan is a seasoned Minister of the gospel who has blessed many lives with his songs. He was happily married to his beautiful wife Doyin Oyekan. On the 10th of June he posted on his Facebook:

Instead of mourning, we chose to rejoice

What the enemy meant for evil, God has turned it around for good.

Join me, my family and friends to celebrate the VICTORY we have in Christ!

It’s a celebration of Life for my dear wife who has gone to glory!

See you there! God bless!

How they met

Dunsin married his wife ( she had two children) on the 2nd of February 2013. On their 5th year anniversary he shared the story of how they met.

Can’t forget the 1st day I met you in class… i was like “are you in this department”? How come I’m just seeing you? You just smiled and walked pass…. When I asked you out, I didn’t mince words… “I want to marry you” and you were like, is this guy serious at all?

But today, it’s history! It’s been 5years of GRACE…. Thank you AdeDoyin for staying by me and believing in me… Thank you for being my “checks and balances”
Thanks for supporting every dream and vision the Lord puts in my heart… It can only get better from here! The rest of our very long and fruitful lives is the BEST.

Dunsin Oyekan’s Wife Death

There is no sufficient information on the situation surrounding her passing unto glory. We send our condolence to the family. Interestingly, Dunsin has chosen to celebrate the life of his wife and mother of his children with praise and worship unto God. We also thank God Doyin Oyekan was a good Christian before she passed on unto glory.  Dunsin Oyekan’s wife death did not make him lose his faith in God.

In a recent post on his Instagram Dunsin Oyekan posted “and the Devil Died”, this is a sequel to the worship concert

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#andthedevildied #victory

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he has together with Victoria Orenze and Elijah Oyelade.

After this program, this is what Dunsin Oyekan hs to say:

On August 16, which is Doyin Oyekan’s birthday –  Dunsin released a music video in her memory. According to him, the song is one of her favourites.

Releasing this video today to celebrate the birthday of my wife who has gone to be with the LORD as this is one of her favorites… The memory of the Just is blessed. Love you Bybes…


Till we meet in heaven, may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

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