[Video] God by Dunsin Oyekan
God by Dunsin Oyekan

[Video] God by Dunsin Oyekan

Story Shared at the release of – God by Dunsin Oyekan

I HAVE A STORY, it will bless you. I had just lost my dad in 2015. It was the most excruciating event I had ever experienced. We had a pretty strong bond and I decided I was going to sing at his funeral in his honour. I refrained from singing at my local church or anywhere else after he passed on. It was a deliberate decision. I wanted his funeral service to be the first time I sang after he passed (I knew the significance because of who my father was and what was at stake for me, my future, family and generations to come)

The glory of God fell as I sang and there was a very unusual manifestation of ELOHIM (people who were there will bear witness to this). I knew I had shifted!

Days after his burial as I lay down in his room and fell asleep, this song, GOD, was delivered to me. For the first time ever, I sang out of my sleep. To the glory of God, I have had countless experiences like this over and over again.

What I’m trying to say is this song is special to me?. Hit the link: https://youtu.be/lOBfSs6Mrts

and watch the video. Spread the word, Use it as a tool to reach the unsaved.

Every other image is Baal!


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