I kneel for you by GODLEGEND (prod.by barmy)

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How many believe he’s the greatest? Yes I believe, he’s awesome!

Uh, uh, uh…my, the greatest


You are the greatest physician,

When you heal you heal the cause, aka n’agwo oria

Esekpuolom gi

Ocean divider, the ancient of the days, you are my greatest Redeemer

Esekpuolom gi.

Lead guitar freestyle…..the awesome God is here, uh…uh, come on!

Chorus…… Esekpuolom gi eze!

Esekpuolom gi,

Esekpuolom gi,

Oh Lord I kneel for you,

Esekpuolom gi eze,

The greatest Redeemer esekpuolom gi.

Anya n’eluwa, okorobia di mma,chuku ka dibia

Esekpuolom gi

Your voice is thicker than thunder and when you speak it comes to pass

Imere ihe biara imem

Esekpuolom gi

You said a word in Jerusalem and it was done in Capernaum

Distance is not a barrier for you…Lord

Esekpuolom gi

The youngest old freshman

You ruleth forever chuku n’agwo oria mu…eh, eh,eh, eh,ah

Esekpuolom gi



Esekpuolom gi eze!

Esekpuolom gi

Esekpuolom gi

Oh Lord I kneel for you

Esekpuolom gi eze

The greatest Redeemer esekpuolom gi.



Oh ancient of days I kneel for you Lord the greatest physician, esekpuolom gi,

The ocean divider ah, you are the ancient of the days

Onye n’eme mma

Ah esekpuolom gi,

The youngest old freshman father you ruleth forever

Aka n’agwo oria esekpuolom gi,

Talk…..wave your hands to God tonight


He’s worthy, he’s awesome

He’s the greatest


Download mp3 below:

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