IPPC 2020 Grand Finale with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
ippc 2020 grand finale

IPPC 2020 Grand Finale with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


During the IPPC 2020 – Grand Finale, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome revealed many amazing truths about the freemasons and their plan to take over the world, the plan to crumble the world economy and put the whole earth under fear. It is no news that a COVID 21 is said to surface by next year and they plan to have more lockdowns that are more strict than the ones before. What should Christians do? How we can we forestall this evil that the Devil is planning? Watch the video till the end to see what we should do, you can also download the video to watch it at your leisure.





PDF of the Notes


The IPPC 2020 – Grand Finale held at Loveworld Camp Ground Asese, Ogun state. Please share this message with others if it blesses you.

Alert! - Rapture will take place in not later than 2030. Watch video here.

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