Is the Rapture Real?

To those who are still questioning whether rapture is real or not, this is just a warning. I just want to remind you that there will be no time for you to argue after the rapture has taken place. In fact, all the people you were arguing with would have been caught up with Jesus. Wait a minute, what does it cost you to believe in Jesus, believe the rapture and then you fly together with Jesus to that beautiful city. What if you were wrong all the way? You would be left with the Antichrist and experience the hardest 7 years the world has never known. Not taking the mark of the beast would almost be impossible, because you can do virtually nothing without that mark. I hope you are not imagining that the mark is going to be like the Yoruba tribal mark, or the hausa laali or a tattoo, No! It’s going to be more like a chip that will be implanted into you with which you can carry out transactions. Not having it will mean not being able to buy and sale, just like the Bible says. Before you conclude that ‘ehn, I will just take the mark nau, all die na die’, having the mark does not exempt you from the terrible things that will happen at the last 4 years of the great tribulation. Let’s not go far into that, because I know your intelligent mind is beginning to argue.

Leave argument, what does it take you to believe in Jesus and believe in the truth, nothing. Jesus has already paid all that ever needs to be paid. It will be foolish for you to discover that rapture is real on the day of rapture when it is already too late. If you believe in Jesus and the rapture you live a good life and have nothing to lose, it doesn’t make you less human, or stupid or less intelligent. There are many intelligent people that live for Jesus, in different areas of life including scientists, inventors and philosophers.

I know that this gist of ‘Jesus is coming soon’ is not new, we don dey hear am tey tey, true; but that doesn’t mean it is false. Some theologians might have misinterpreted the times, not every evil occurrence is a signal to the coming of Jesus. Now His coming is closer than ever, you would be better safe to believe this than to argue it. But if you want to argue, I am willing to help, we will argue together until we agree. I am willing to help you because I want to see you in heaven, I care about you and your eternal life. I know you might have had some experiences that pushed you into some belief system, but I assure you that Jesus loves you regardless of whatever has happened in your life and He is willing to accept you, to pour His love on you and make you a better person. Now is the time when you can still access His Grace and lay hold on eternal life, all you need to do is to change your mindset. It’s that easy, accept Jesus into your heart and get read of some mindsets. If you are ready to do that, please send me a DM or chat on WhatsApp 07011170602.

If you are a Christian reading this, you might be wondering if there are people who don’t believe in the rapture, yes there are. I had a chat with one in recently and there are people with different belief systems and ideologies, people are growing to become more sceptical about everything as the day goes by. As Christians we need to be aware of the times we are in and daily prepare for the glorious day coming ahead, a day where we mortality will be swallowed up in immortality. We should get as many people around us to come into ark so that they will be saved from the destruction of the world. Let’s take a cue from the 5 wise virgins, let’s not get carried away with the pleasure of this fading world. This world that is gradually passing away, to give room for a new earth. The beauty and the glory to be revealed by far exceeds to most pleasurable acts of this world. When we get to heaven, we will look back at the pleasures of this world and discover that they are nothing in comparison to the life we will be living. There is more to come, there is glory ahead. Both the sufferings of these times and the goodness of these times cannot be compared with the glory that will be revealed.

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