In one of your teachings, you said The church wasn’t delivered from the hand of the devil, we were not redeemed from the hands of the devil but Ephesians 1:7 says we were redeem, we were not redeemed as the church, which to know more.
Answer- Ephesians 1:1-8
Here Paul was addressing the saints at Ephesus. He’s talking about us the saints. This scripture says nothing about being redeemed from the devil of sin.
The word redemption means a ransom and a general term for salvation. Specifically it refers to riddance. Christ is my redemption. To pay a ransom or delivered with a price. We were not delivered from the devil, neither from sin. Jesus didn’t pay a ransom to the devil on our behalf.

2 Peter 1:4
He bought the field. Here redemption is the complete removal, the blotting away of sin. The church is a new creation, Jesus paid the price for the salvation of the whole world. The church is a new creation, He came out after the price was paid.
Had Jesus never resurrected, salvation for the world would have been accomplished, but that wasn’t enough because that’s not all what God wanted. After He died ,things were atoned for but by the resurrection of Christ,that’s where the church came in ,that’s the mystery we’re talking about. That’s the reason we say the church wasn’t redeemed from the devil or sin. That’s why we’re above sins and the devil. Hallelujah. That’s why we cast out demons etc. Glorrryyyy.


2) During the millennial reign will the ones who died not yet born again,will they have the opportunity to get born again there? Who will be in the new heaven and earth? They’ll be nation’s and these nation’s will inhabit the differentThe church, the bride of Christ will be in the new heaven and earth.
The new heaven and will be conditioning the new earth and in the new earth the saints will live in the new city and the others in the new earth.

What’s your opinion in ministers being for the one world religion. ? Christianity is not a religion, it’s absolute nonsense,when leaders think they can bring religious leaders together for peace. That’s why the Antichrist will tell the world,that religion is the problem in the world,so let them destroy the other religions and make one new religion. Just like the Assyrian who destroyed the other gods because there were not the way but Jesus said ,He’s the way , the truth and the life and that’s what the Christians hold unto. Jesus proofed it, by dying, resurrecting and ascending to heaven and they saw him. Jesus proofed it and no other did.
Ephesians 4:4-6
There’s only one Lord,one faith the Bible doesn’t recognize other faith, because you can’t believe in something that’s dead.
Acts 4:12
This is not Pastor Chris ideas, it’s the word that says so. If you can’t have salvation in any other then there’s no peace in any other. If you’re working for peace true religion,then you’ve denied the faith. If you need true peace, it’s found in Christ Jesus alone. There’s none anywhere. You can’t use religion to bring peace. It will never and Christianity is not one of the religions of the world. Those who call Christianity religion, they don’t know what religion really is. In Christianity when we Believe in Jesus,we were born in Christ and we became a new man. Christianity It’s not the outward work, why religion is. There’s a religion in Christianity, helping the fatherless,widows etc but that’s not going to take you to heaven. Doing this is not enough. It’s in Christ Jesus that you can find rest. He’s the only one who can give rest. It’s our peace. As a Christian for you to work with other religions you must drop the Bible because no other religion will ever save you. That’s Terrible.

The Lord is going to bless the works of your hands. Everything He tells you to do,do it an experience the awesomeness of His power.

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