Web Design

with WordPress

A Training organised by Michael Adegoke (Founder of youlaif.com)

2022 is here and you should start achieving your goals immediately.
The coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is near and we need to invest all the resources we have into the expansion of His kingdom as much as we can and as soon as we can. One of the major resources we need whether we like it or not is ‘money’. Money helps is not the only tool but it is one of the major tools for spreading the gospel.
As Christians, we need to take charge of the world. We need to assert our authority in every sphere of influence. If Christians had ventured into technology earlier and created Social Media platforms earlier, we won’t be experiencing this censorship of our voices as we have it at the moment. The Movie industry is left with almost no representation if not for a few ministries.
This year 2022. Make up your mind to learn new things. Break into technology, data science, cyber-security, web design etc.
I am here to help you get started.
You will need to create a brand for yourself and get positioned globally for all that God wants to do for you and through you, you can also make money from building websites.
I would teach you how to build a website in a very easy but comprehensive way.
I am starting a training series that will run for 3 months where I will teach you just this.


The aim of this training is to teach you how to create any kind of website all by yourself. The training will teach you how websites work, including domain name, hosting and web design. You would also learn how you can create your first website at a very affordable rate.

Course Overview

1. Introduction to the Internet

2. How Websites Work
– Domain Names (IP Addresses)
– Hosting

3. How to Build Websites
a. Coding for Scratch
b. Content Management System (CMS)
i. Joomla
ii. Drupal
iii. Magento
iv. Shopify
v. WordPress

4. Introduction to WordPress
a. The difference between WordPress.com & WordPress.org
b. What you can create with WordPress

i. Tech Websites
Examples: NGINX, Facebook Newsroom, Techcrunch, Canada Learning Code, Mozilla Blog

ii. Entertainment & News Websites
Examples: Walt Disney Company, Sony Music, Angry Birds, New York Post, Quartz Africa, BBC America

iii. Education & Business Websites
Example: Lady Bird Education, Georgia State University, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosopher, Bloomberg Professional, UNICEF UK

c. Advantages of WordPress
i. WordPress is easy to use.
ii. WordPress is open source – there are more than 54, 000 plugins and over 4,000 themes available for free.
iii. WordPress is easy to maintain.

d. WordPress Statistics

e. Installing WordPress Themes
– Factors to Consider when Choosing a WordPress Theme
i. Reviews
ii. Theme file size
iii. Date of Publishing
iv. Pagespeed Insight Impact
v. Font loading system

f. Installing WordPress Plugins
– Factors to Consider when Choosing a WordPress Plugin
i. Reviews
ii. Plugin file size
iii. Date of Publishing
iv. Pagespeed Insight Impact
v. Simplicity of function
vi. Availability on WordPress Repository

5. Advance WordPress Customization
a. Using the Theme Editor
b. Using the Customizer
c. Inspecting CSS & Reading Source Code

6. WordPress Search Engine Optimization
a. Submitting your site to Search Engine
i. Google
ii. Bing
b. Integrating Google Analytics & monitoring Traffics
c. Integrating AHREF
d. On-page SEO
e. Off-page SEO
i. Generating Content Ideas

7. How to Monetize WordPress
a. Google Adsense
b. Direct Ads
c. Premium Content
d. Subscriptions
e. Ecommerce
f. Affiliate Marketing

8. How to Secure WordPress sites
i. Wordfence
ii. Obfuscating login URL
iii. Enabling auto-update of WordPress core, themes and plugins
iv. Enabling 2-factor Authentication
v. Installing a child theme
vi. Securing Contact Forms

9. WordPress Speed Optimization
– Choosing themes & plugins
– Optimize for speed from scratch
– Use SVG for fonts
– Load System stack

Meeting Schedule

Duration: 3 months 

Fridays & Saturdays

N10,000 (Only)