Notes from Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris Week 2 [Day 1 – 7]

Day 1

Dan 8:23-25 NIV
When they FEEL SECURE, He will destroy many.

Jesus called Satan the Father of lies and a Murderer. He is the very epitome of deception.
The power that the Antichrist wields is the power of Satan. He will lie and murder in deceit.

We are seeing this type of manifestation going on and we can’t just close our eyes and say it is ordinary. No! We’ve got to stop the devil in his tracks.

He WILL DO ALL THOSE THINGS anyway, but it shouldn’t be now.
We need to continue to pray until we have the consciousness that it is all done. We can’t stop halfway.
We can’t be like the king who struck only 3 times and stopped. It is better to overdo it and paralyze the power of the enemy.

You are in Christ Jesus, and because you are in Christ, remember that Greater is he that is In you than he that is In the world.
So many still need to come to Christ. We must prepare for the massive harvest that must take place before the rapture.

Pray for the nations of the world and the leaders for BOLDNESS to do what is right for their countries.

We have to look at Patterns set in the word of God.
It is never too much to pray.
Take responsibility.
Whenever the Israelites had a problem, everyone gathered including the children

God listens to even children and hears their voices when they pray.

We are praying that things happen inline with God’s perfect will.
The Parable of the wheat and tares: while men slept, the enemy sowed tares.
Don’t be found sleeping (not being spiritually alert)

This year 2020 was announced as the year of perfection and alignment. Bringing things to God’s perfect order and timing.
The month of March, God told us it was the month of Knowledge.

We were so busy with God’s work, not noticing what the one world Govt people were doing. Thank God that so much knowledge has come to us on satanic works that have been happening.
That’s the reason we are fasting and praying. We know we can’t just be quiet to let things carry on.

They are those who think ‘how can the whole world be deceived?’.
Remember Y2K.
All the governments of the nations were spending billions of dollars in preparation.
There was FEAR of what was going to happen. Every day, analysts were on TV talking about all the things that needed to be done.
They never told us the truth that it was just a SMALL ADJUSTMENT that needed to be made in the date.

Guess what? Nothing HAPPENED…. and no one apologized or explained why nothing happened. Everything just went on as though all that propaganda never took place.
Why? Nations and governments were deceived.

Regarding this COVID-19: People should get TREATED and not be left to die.

Sean Hannity of Fox News gave a news report a day ago to call on Gov. Cuomo to stop preventing people from getting chloroquine treatment. He actually challenged the governor.
Many people have been successfully treated with the same drugs. The drugs have been tested and proven.
So, the idea that it is incurable until a vaccine comes is UNREALISTIC.

NOT EVERYBODY LIKES TO HEAR the truth. Some want the situation to remain like this, which is very unfair.

We are not crying WOLF where there is not.
There are clandestine plans to keep things this way so that they become what they call ‘the new normal’. There are lies that would be given… E.g. some scientists are now publishing that the earth is no longer shaking because of the lockdown. If it is so good, why won’t they suggest that we all remain on lockdown?
That’s their strategy…

If you live in the UK, visit Help them reverse the Coronavirus bill that was passed last week. HC Bill122… Go read and study it intelligently (Forced detention and isolation, lockdown powers will prevent protests, etc…. Just read the horrible things being signed into law). You would think this was China.

Right now, they need 200,000 signatures to reverse that bill Urgently!
They rushed through it and passed the bill… WHILE MEN SLEPT.

If this is happening with US HERE, what will happen to this world when we are gone.

We are having evidence … The time of the Lord’s return is near.
All the incidents of the past and this one are just Satan’s dress rehearsals.
We are in the last days.

Review the notes on the things that will shortly be.

Psalm 102:16-18
Build: raising children
Generation to come: The last generation (original translation).
Which is the last generation is THIS GENERATION that is on during the 70th week of Daniel’s vision.
The people who shall be CREATED shall praise the Lord (as in marriage…. Original translation).

John the Baptist had spoken at the Jordan, “God is able to raise children out of these stones unto Abraham”… It was a prophecy, not a threat.

Dan 7:23-25 (that’s 3 and half years)

In every crisis, there are those who have taken advantage to come up with laws and regulations that do more harm than good.
A lot of times, it’s not even the crisis itself that is the problem, but our response to the crisis which is more devastating. Lives are lost, liberties reduced… So many things happen.
So, we are looking beyond the crisis itself. It is nothing compared to what it can be used for.
It is the dangerous steps that could be taken by Governments and organizations.
It’s the advice that many may be given as a fall out of those crises. These are the things we are praying about.
The crisis in itself is nothing. Its what it could be used for.

E.g. at a crisis period like this, many governments apply “emergency rule”. This means the Parliament is hardly needed at this time. They rule by ‘decrees’ and executive powers. The executive is given emergency powers because there is no time for debate. No time for research. No time to find out whether the step to be taken is right or wrong.
Such times are very delicate because decisions could be made that are not right.
So we have got to pray.
History is replete with stories and stories of this.
Governments adopt a totalitarian rule. The question is… At a time like this…who is hearing from who?
At a time when nations are not sure of what to do… WHO ARE THEY LISTENING TO?

The WHO is supposedly an Organ of the U.N. It is defined as an agency of the U.N. What you would think is that all the nations are involved in their decision making…but that is wishful thinking.

In the last decade, more than 70% of its income has come from organizations and private individuals. He who pays the Piper dictates the tune. Their autonomy has become questionable.
Do your research on where it gets its money from.
If it’s not coming from the countries, then the countries’ votes are minimized.

If an organization like that must be fair and pursue its mandate rightly, Then it should not be funded by interest groups. It will seek to fund those interest groups.
Let’s research on this.

E.g The sugar industry approached congress in the USA as a pressure group to scrap funding to the WHO. Similarly, the pharmaceutical industry which as major funders value profits over access to basic health…

This is why we would have to pray with knowledge. We must pray that God will guide them to make the right decisions. Our role is to pray. Christian Politicians can argue in parliamentary. Everyone has a role to play.
Every lawmaker should read bills and do research before signing bills.

The Next Phase of Prayer:
When Jesus wanted to cast out demons from the mad man of Gadara, they were negotiating to be driven to swine.

The devil is trying to negotiate forced vaccines on Children since adults have knowledge. This would make children the properties of the state.
Spiritually, we must refuse Satan’s negotiations.

Pharaoh was negotiating that the Israelites leave their children and cattle behind, but Moses Insisted that everyone is let go.

Same way, we must pray that there would be no forced vaccination for children. We forbid it!!!

Please download our LIVE TV Mobile APP.
The world is going to see a resurgence of Dictatorship as never seen before. They want to make the senate useless.
There is a move by certain people to block dissent. Free speech is only free when they are talking.

Remember what happened just before the 1st world war in Germany. People were happy looking forward to the future. When war broke out, they went back into despair. Hitler began his evil work which eventually led to the 2nd world war.

This time, it’s somewhat different but we have the same feeling. No nation is at ease. When there are armed soldiers on the street is NOT A SIGN OF PEACE.
Living for Jesus is not difficult at all.

If you have not accepted Jesus into your heart, do so right now.
He told us about these days, and he said when we see things happening, we should know that his coming is near.
Make a commitment to Jesus Christ.

Years ago we told people that what is happening RIGHT NOW is possible, they didn’t believe it. .what’s happening is like reading a book or being a part of a film that you never rehearsed.

SAY these words: “Oh Lord God, I believe in Jesus Christ the son of God. I believe he died to save my soul. I believe God raised him from the dead and he is alive today. I confess with my mouth, Jesus Christ is Lord of my life from this day. I accept eternal life into my heart from this day. Thank you, Father, for I am born again.

If you prayed this prayer with your heart, God heard you. Satan has no claims over you anymore. You belong to Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord.


Day 2

Here are Pastors points:

1. 5G is not Corona Virus.

2. 5G has a very dangerous effect on the human body but those who are behind the creation are not doing proper research to stop the dangerous effect of this 5G rather they are just about the benefit of 5G and not looking into the bad effect of this particular 5G they are rolling out.

3. Pastor said he feels that the death recorded in China may not really be coronavirus caused. That it might be the deployment of the 5G.

4. Pastor did not say 5G is the mark of the beast or is the anti-christ.

5. Pastor just opened our eyes to the fact that all this thing happening now is showing how close we are to the rapture but that the push for the idea of Bill Gates to insert a chip on everyone through vaccination is one of the actualizations of the agenda of the antichrist which are:
A. One world government.
B. One world economy.
C. One world religion.

6. Pastor pointed out that with the chip inserted through vaccination, that chip is a mark that allows you to do transactions, it would be your ATM, it would be a form of Identification containing all information about you, it would be a tracker, you won’t need passport or visa because the chip will carry all that info about you. And there is no better technology that can help make this happen except with the use of 5G. Now all this is shown in the bible about a mark of the beast that would be placed on your hand or forehead.

7. Pastor organizing the prayers is for Christians to come together and stop the plan of the devil ahead of his time. In other words, this vaccination is not supposed to be happening now. It should be after the rapture of the church that this plan would be carried out in full effect. Where laws would be made to force people to get the vaccination which is the introduction of the chip (Mark of the beast).
He is only opening our eyes to the truth. If you accept this vaccination, you won’t have a mind of your own anymore. You won’t be “you” anymore. They can manipulate your thoughts and decisions. They can even make you not to serve God or recognize Him anymore. They can through this vaccination manipulate you to worship the beast, and when all this happen, your name will be no more in the book of life. This is a simple truth. If we don’t pray and stop this, God will lose a lot of people, dear friends. Christians can suddenly become unbelievers in a twinkling of an eye. The rapture is supposed to take place when we still have freedom of choice to choose who we want to bow to or worship. Can you see the reasons for the prayers? Do you want to lose your freedom of choice to choose who you will serve? Do you want to be manipulated to bow to the beast? Because they will now have the power to press that button that will make you willingly bow. This is the real picture of things children of God. If not the grace of God, who do you think will survive this? That’s why God is using our men of God to gather us together to pray and stop this from happening until we are gone.


Day 3

This is a fasting and prayer program.
It’s very important for us to pray in these times.
There are different seasons and times in life.
All the days are not always the same.

James 5:13-
This shows that there are different seasons. Sometimes for some reason, you may be heavy at heart. At such times, you should pray and not complain.
If you are merry, sing Psalms.

So many things have happened in the last few weeks to different people. Think of what many have had to go through. It’s almost unquantifiable what has happened all around the world. Some may never get their businesses back. Some have lost so much money. Think of the fact that there are some who have lost relatives. So many things!
And there are those wondering, ‘how much longer will these things be’.. and that’s why we are praying. That it will be shorter than anybody planned. That’s why we pray. that God will give the leaders of the nation’s wisdom and the COURAGE to do what is right for their different countries.
Because the situation in each country is not necessarily the same… And that’s why nations need to do their own study and research.

People are bothered by 2 major things: the virus and 5G.
Do your own study. Don’t rely on what some others may be telling you because… Just imagine …what if they are wrong???
We know that they’ve been wrong before. Is it impossible for them to be wrong?
After all, if you take the discipline to do your study and not just rely on what another organization is telling you (especially not those run by interest groups), you need to be sure.

One thing formal education does for you is, it inspires in you the desire to learn. It increases that desire..and gives you that intelligence to sort out Information.
The idea that the public is always misled is unfair. That’s why you need an educated society. If you have that, people can obtain knowledge by themselves. But if you have a certain group that decides anything that is not consistent with their thought is wrong, then you are opening the door for a totalitarian system.

You can’t support freedom and suppress dissent.
In history, some of the proponents of freedom, when they got into power became very repressive. If you believe in something, you aren’t afraid of someone else to challenge your belief.
Jesus let people air their views and he responded. That’s Jesus!
What if the other guy has access to information that you don’t have access to. Isn’t it possible?

What information do YOU Have? Does who have platforms to propagate other people’s information shouldn’t censor it unless it is abusive.

Why would the ANTICHRIST want to have one world govt, economy, and religion? He understands the power of religion.

Religion is not only about a god you believe in. It may not be a god. Religion is about faith, belief, trust… And these are synonymous with themselves.

If you tell me something that I can’t see with my optical eyes, I can believe or not believe. And to have me accept your opinion, you have to make me believe you.

You can choose to believe or not believe. It is the exercise of your human spirit.
The Bible says, with the heart, man believes unto righteousness. Believing is not with your brain. You believe with your heart/spirit. The more reason why the source of your information is important because you will be exercising your spirit to believe or not. You can believe something that’s false.
There is an effect in your believing something that’s right or wrong. It affects your person, life, emotions, and future.
Your spirit has that compass that is directed with your belief.
That’s why God sent his holy spirit to help us. So that when we preach the word of God, he convicts men of their sinfulness. We can’t do it ourselves.

If you go to Israel, there may be evidence that Jesus lived there, but they can’t give you evidence that he was born of a virgin. Only Mary could know. What proof did she leave?
Or that He ascended to Heaven… Where is the proof? Enoch and Elijah were the only ones who had been caught up before. In Elijah’s case, other prophets didn’t even believe.
To believe in Jesus Christ requires supernatural help… That’s why God sent the Holy Spirit to help us convict and convince men that Jesus is alive today and that his name has power.
His word is his evidence.
His life is us is his evidence.

These are matters of Faith. It transcends religion. Believing or not is in everything about you. In every part of your life.

It’s sometimes disturbing when you have those who want to enforce their own belief on others.
You should share the message/gospel and let them make up their minds.

It is possible to believe a lie, and you can disbelieve truth.
You can champion a lie all your life. .but YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE.
You can’t blame someone else.

Jesus told the Jews ‘SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES’.
Paul told Timothy ” Study the word”.
Go into the scripture yourself. Check!!!! That’s the way it ought to be.

No one should be angry with anybody about those who believe 5G is good or not good.
It’s unfair. Just do your own INDEPENDENT RESEARCH.
Ask questions from Independent professionals…. (Not the marketer of the product). Everything a marketer will tell you will be good.
Until you have an Independent study, it is UNWISE to do something that is for the public that you don’t have enough information on.
There should be a lot of scientists, engineers, etc that can give information, who are not funded by those in the industry.

That God for what is happening with the Coronavirus now. The figures that were estimated for death, are now pretty less.
All kinds of conditions were being locked together as the figures for the virus.

15 hours ago, this information was confirmed by Birk.

The most official figures provided for this are provided by John Hopkins centre which was part of the simulation last year. How???
The other organization collating figures is sponsored by one of the players who participated in the simulation.

You can’t look at such things and close your eyes. You should ask ‘what is this’?

It’s important to study WHAT IS KILLING PEOPLE enmasse? Every country will have different answers.
It’s important to investigate.

We will continue to pray. The nations will continue to ask THE RIGHT QUESTIONS.

2 Years ago, Angel Merkel suggested that for there to be peace, nations would need to cede control to multilateral organizations.
But that time has not come.
This was a global siege. Over 180 countries took the instruction to shut down, and almost none did research but took the advice because they were scared.
Their plan is that life should never return to normal ‘pre-covid-19 life’. They plan to put policies in place to ensure that.

A former Senator who was co-chair on the council of foreign relations (one of the organizations sponsoring the new world order) said after 9/11 that there is a chance for the president of the USA to use the disaster to carry out a new world order.

In this case, they didn’t flatten the COVID-19 curve, they flattened the markets/the economy.

We must use this opportunity to research.

YouTube has banned all videos which talk about the harm of 5G.
They are a private organization, so they can ban anyone they want to. But it’s not right to ban dissenting voices on their platform. (That in a sense is Religion).
They are just like a church who wouldn’t allow a preacher who doesn’t believe their doctrine to preach on their platform.
We can’t be angry about that. They should just not give the impression that they are a ‘free’ platform.
It’s important to know what you stand for.

There is nothing wrong with criticism. You should be happy. It means you are worth criticizing. Jesus was criticized. Even God gets criticized. Lol.

There is a cure for COVID-19… A medical cure. Some don’t like it that Hydroxychloroquine is working for several thousands of people (not self-medication) it’s not wise to do self-medication. It is both preventative and curative. That’s what we are hearing. For Christians, the biggest way is the name of the Lord Jesus.

We will pray for the nations that they will be opened.
That leaders will have boldness over COVID-19.
Fear and confusion is gone.
They will have their lives back.
We will defeat this thing and it is crumbling already.

Prayer can be very effective and prayer can be mere religion.
There are people who don’t expect an answer to prayer. To them, prayer is just a part of religion.
But God never told us to pray for Him, prayer is real communication.
You’re actually talking to someone that is listening to you, talking to you and is ready to answer you.

God knows your mind before you ask him. So why do you have to pray?
Because God operates in legality, in spite of the fact that he loves you. He operates with laws that he put in place.
The Bible says, he gave the earth to Humans to live and to run it, so he requires their invitation to intervene in their circumstances.

If you have a landlord and you are living in his house and pay your rent, he can’t just come into your house without an invitation because you are a legal custodian of that house for that period.
That’s how it is with God.

There are different types of prayer and they all have different rules.
Read the books: praying the right way, how to pray effectively.
These are important materials to get and study. They will help you immensely.

In the next few days, we will learn about praying in the spirit. It is a way to pray to be effective. What are you going to say to a God who knows everything? The holy ghost would have to put sanctified words into your mouth to speak to God…that’s a higher level.


Day 4

Today we will look at some questions that some have sent.
If you’ve been watching the programs since last week, there are several questions that have already been answered.
Just in case you didn’t understand it, if we have touched on it previously, we will try to touch on it again tonight.

1. Q: Dear Pastor Chris…. Where was Satan and his demons during the days of Noah when God destroyed the whole world with the flood? Why didn’t God destroy Satan and his demons since he is responsible for all the evil in the world?

Ans: The flood dealt with the physical world as it was known then.
There is a time set when the devil will be destroyed. God is orderly and when that time comes, Satan will be destroyed.

Q: You discussed the second coming of the Lord. What can I do to get myself ready for the first flight?

A: First, a person must be born again. Then. You must live for Jesus Christ and be found constantly growing unto Maturity. Study the word, go to church, fellowship with the Holy ghost. You must also be marked as a Christian, Winning souls.

God has given man choice. People will not just be given the mark… They will RECEIVE the mark of the beast. Wickedness and evil is a choice. People choose to yield to wicked nudgings of the devil
Gal 5:19- speaks of the works of the flesh. Those who yield to the works of the flesh will not inherit the kingdom of God.
Getting raptured is an access we received as an inheritance as long as we walk by the spirit. If we walk in the spirit, we won’t yield to the flesh. The same life in the vine is the same life in the branch. So, naturally, you should produce the fruit of the spirit. Gal 5: 16-24
It’s just to make a decision.
Start from your mouth so that your life will follow it. It brings it to your consciousness.
Say ‘I walk in the spirit’.
Train yourself to not go in the wrong direction
There could be wrong desires but don’t let them lead you.
You have learned Christ in a particular way. Follow that way which you have learnt in Christ.
The devil won’t be finally destroyed until everyone has been given THE CHOICE to make Jesus their Lord.

Q: Could you please explain your opinion on 5G.

A: video playback from yesterday. (Kindly refer to notes of yesterday if you can’t stream)
You have to understand how things work in the system. E.g. imagine the pharmaceutical industry comes up with a drug ad they say to a country ‘we have this drug for this disease’, then the Govt represented by the regulators would review the product and decide how they will use it in their environment. They would subject it to tests and research before they say ‘it would work.. We want it in our country’.
On the other hand, they could after testing say ‘this isn’t good for us’.
In Nigeria, some years ago, the DG of NAFDAC, said she found out that some of the drugs that were coming into the country were not acceptable. The regulators did not accept the drugs, and yet it came in, so she had to investigate. She then took actions against those who were importing those drugs.

Same way, our research has yielded tremendous results. In looking through what the regulators in the USA/UK/EU… And what independent researchers (scientists and doctors) who were concerned about health had to say. These independent experts provided their own papers to these regulators and demanded to see what research they had seen before attempting to roll the 5G. Strangely NONE of the regulators provided any independent research to support their action.
These guys then presented their documents and requested that the Government should put out a moratorium on the roll out until the regulators can prove that it is not harmful to health.

Pastor is not just a minister of the gospel but. Into healing… So no matter how enthusiastic we are about the 5G because of its benefits, we would put health first.
Pastor just got concerned that our regulators didn’t do their research on it.
We just want that if there are health risks, THEY SHOULD BE FIXED before it is implemented.
It will be dumb to go into any project like that without considering the implications.

Q: Since I got born again, I have heard conflicting messages about the eternal security of the Christian. Is it just to confess Jesus and that’s it? Is a Christian required to do anything else?

A: the confession of the Lordship of Jesus brings you into a relationship. And it must be nurtured. That makes you be joined with Gods spirit. That alone would ‘seem enough’
But, there are some people in scripture who were saved but went back into the world.
A Christian must be one in spirit and in truth. There would be a union of that testimony in your actions. It’s better to Concentrate on the assurance that God is able to keep you from falling instead of researching on how possible it is to fall away. (E.g. apostasy)
It IS POSSIBLE to lose your salvation.
2 Peter 1:5-11. That’s the summation of it all.
Eternal security is real. But conditioned on living the life of eternal Security. No one is able to pluck you out. Jesus is your protector. He keeps you… BUT your life is full of choices. Make the choice to live for him continually.
We have a life that’s given to us and God wants us to live according to his word. It’s the simplest and most natural thing to do…you would have to be TEMPTED to do wrong.
The Christian life is not possible without the holy ghost. That’s why you MUST receive the Holy Spirit.

We are in a period where if someone gets sick, going to the hospital is almost like certain death because of the virus which they are not treating.
That’s why your faith needs to be working NOW.

This program basically addresses those who already believe in Jesus Christ.

You can only know the things of God by the Holy Spirit. He becomes your teacher. He guides you to know the truth. Some Christians and preachers don’t know the truth. It’s not about being called a pastor… You’ve got to serve Christ. You must think and act as a Christian. You must study the scripture as any Christian should.
It was the religious leaders who were supposed to know the scriptures that were the first to condemn Jesus.

We are all sent differently for different important things.

The parable of the sower: seeds on the wayside never produced because the devil stole the word…why? They did not understand.
Always ask questions and make sure you understand so you don’t lose it.

Second group: roots didn’t get deep. When crisis came the word withered away. They received the word full of Joy but they didn’t meditate on it. Don’t just be excited about the word. Give the word an opportunity to go deep inside through meditation. Don’t treat the word like a newspaper you read yesterday. Think through the word and let the love of God be strong in you. If you love Jesus, You will do his word..whatever he tells you. Secondly, learn to talk about your love for Jesus. In your personal prayer and when you talk to others, talk about your love for Jesus. The more you talk about it, the stronger it builds. So when difficult times come, without a deep love for Jesus, it will wither.

Third group: Received seeds among thorns. The seeds grew but they had other desires, the deceitfulness of riches. The desire to be like the world. This causes the word to be choked… And unfruitful.

4th Group: They received the word on GOOD GROUND and it produced lasting results.
God wants you to be this 4th one. You will find your life from glory to glory.

As a ministry, we received CHILLING WORDS in February, that have led us to pray for us to be in sync with the words written in the books of Zechariah, Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelations.

Jesus said He was the light of the world. When he went away, the world was still in darkness. His disciples took over…and now we are on the scene as the light of the world. We must take our place and shine brightly as the light.
The world is in a situation today different from where it has ever been.

Prince Charles in Davos was calling for a new world system which he hoped would become effective in 2030. There are others like him speculating that by that date they should have a one-world economy.

At the beginning of the 70th week, the one who would be the Antichrist will sign a treaty of peace with Israel. And that would fall just around that time.

The TIME IS SHORT. LET NO MAN DECEIVE YOU…No matter what technology comes in, we will use it for the gospel. But before they start going crazy with it, I’m going to be gone.

The rapture will be the most notable event the world has ever known.

Rev 13: 16-18. The mark, OR the name of the beast… OR..the number of his name.
The beast will forbid anyone who doesn’t have that mark to buy or sell. I.e. be cut off from the economic system of the world.

Q: I am a cybersecurity manager. What is the way forward for Christians when some scenarios come up regarding the vaccination certificates which are expected to come up e.g. getting a new passport, of new Job?

A: if you are left behind, by then, it would be compulsory. It could even lead to imprisonment or death. Before the second half of the 7 years, it may look like ‘you need it to get a Job, etc’. But by the
The second half, the Christians would be isolated.
In fact, there may even be some Christians that would be helping the implementation of this system because they don’t know the scriptures.

There is so much ignorance among Christians about the end times. Many ministers don’t talk about the coming of Jesus Christ.
Most don’t know!!!

2 Thess. 2:3- Before the Antichrist is revealed, there will be a falling away/ the predicted great falling away of those who profess to be Christians (NIV).
Before the Antichrist is known, the structures for the one world govt would be in place.
What can bring such a falling away? The cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, etc.

It’s so important that you live your life stronger and stronger in Christ so that you don’t fall away.

Imagine if a large sum of money is offered to you to allow a process that’s not okay to go through. .would you collect it? Would you sell your conscience as a Christian?
Some people do things to save their life. Or to get more comfort.
What’s the price you would be willing to pay?

Give your life to Jesus now.

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Day 5

Its a very special time in Gods kingdom, and only through the spirit can we discern the times. We are in a special season both in God’s kingdom and in the world.
Things are shifting but not in the direction that Satan was planning.

I showed you a clip from February 2nd communion service, we will watch it again to help you get some important messages to help you understand what’s going on in the spirit. Things are happening in the spirit and we are very much involved.

Remember when the year began, through the spirit, we declared a prayer chain (pray-a-thon 2020). We started the first week in January in different groups all over the world. and we coordinated the exercise to have 15 min sessions of prayer each, throughout the day and night.
God never intervenes in this world without people.

When we started, we probably didn’t know the implications. But we prayed for ministers, and nations and Gods people because changes were about to take place in the spirit. In the earth, changes were brewing. But God always needs his children to effect his own work.
Daniel, having being in exile with other Israelites, through the writings if Jeremiah the prophet, he found out 70 years were determined for them to be in that captivity. He could see things weren’t changing, So he went into prayer and fasting so that things would fall in line with Gods timing.

Timing is important.

When Jesus came and carried out his ministry in Israel, he wept over Jerusalem and he said they didn’t know the TIME of their visitation. The Lord they were waiting for had come to them but they didn’t know.
Not many understand how the kingdom of God works. Life is not all about the things you want from God… Money, a house, a job. Life is far beyond that.
People are the same irrespective of their condition.
The poor and the rich are exactly the same unless there’s a transformation in their heart.

The difference in circumstance is that when he was poor, he didn’t have the resources to carry out the evil that was in his heart. Money is an amplifier of character. Whatever you would have been you will be.
God wants a change in your heart. Except there is a change in your heart, you will also carry out the evil things in your heart

That’s why God puts his kingdom and his love first in your heart. Then from your heart, it will flow out to others. If you don’t have it in your heart, you can’t give it to others.

We are rounding this phase of the fast. Tomorrow we begin a phase of praise and worship. Because the wicked and evil spirit that was responsible for the evil work around the world…I can tell you WE HAVE BROUGHT HIM DOWN. WE HAVE DESTROYED HIS SEAT.

This thing was never about human beings. Human beings can be used. Whatever role anybody played, good or bad, they probably didn’t know.

Eph 6:10-12 we fight against wicked spirits in the heavenly realms.
This is what has been happening. The Bible tells us what we have to confront.
2 Cor 10: 3-5
Though we live through our physical bodies, the warfare we are engaged in is not physical.

In the book of Judges. Several kings made war with Israel, in the days of Jabin. The captain of his host had allied forces, but the Prophetess Deborah said to Barak, God says ‘I will pull Sisera and his armies into the valley and deliver him into your hands’.
And something amazing happened.
They invaded Israel…
The Bible tells us, the Kings fought… WHAT KINGS????
KJV Judges 5:19-
This fight was in the heavenlies, while the one on the ground was going on. The real fight in the heavenlies determined what happened on ground.

The ground became marshy, torrential rains came down from heaven, everyone died save for Sisera who escaped and a woman killed.
Life is spiritual… That’s why we needed to fast and pray.
Satan doesn’t really care about what is happening in the world.
Nothing satisfies him.
You can’t give him ANY CHANCE.

THE kingdom of God is like a man saw a treasure in a field, and Bought the whole field just for it. The treasure is the church. Jesus died for that treasure. That Was the price he paid.
As the anointed cherub, Satan had some insight into Gods plans. But he just didn’t know how it was going to come.
That treasure was going to share Gods name, his seat. It identified so much with God that Satan wanted it.

Before Jesus came. His authoritative name was reserved. He didn’t know the name but he wanted it and didn’t know how it would come.
All these many years with Satan’s destructive activities. He’s been after ONE THING ONLY: THE CHURCH.

Don’t look at the church as an organization. It’s more than that. It is the BODY OF CHRIST.
Jesus has been given a name that’s above EVERY NAME
Phil 2: 9-10,5-9
Jesus got the name through humility and obedience while Satan was trying to get that name through pride and arrogance.
God gave the name to Jesus, and Jesus gave the name to us.

He said ‘whatsoever you do in word and deed, do in the name of Jesus’.
He gave us the legal authority to use his name.
Satan hates the church and always tries to see how he can hurt the church.

No matter how you are in your city… Always think about the church/God’s church (the body of Christ). This is why we break bread. He said ‘you are all one bread’. He said ‘do this in remembrance of me’.

Then, the bible tells us he took the cup and said ‘This cup is the new testament in my blood’.
A new will/testament had come in.
And we live on the basis of that testament. Yet there are many Christians who don’t know about that testament.
By that testament, whatever we bind on earth. Is bound in heaven.
We are sent by God to enforce his will on the earth.
We represent him.
When we speak, our words are not empty. They are spirit and they are life.

That’s why when you are born again, the life that you have is not the human life that you had of your mother. Your life is supplanted. You are not ordinary. You have no business being afraid of some virus, sickness or disease or anything.

Life is spiritual.
Exodus 14:21
The children of Israel were to go through the red sea…God caused the waters to congeal on both sides while the Egyptians watched.

The Egyptians probably thought they were easy prey since the sea had divided. BUT… the lord Got involved in the fight (v24-28). He troubled the host of the Egyptians and took off their chariot wheels… (They got stuck. The horses had a hard time pulling the chariots. They also couldn’t run away because they were smack in the middle of the red sea).
God spoke to Moses to stretch his hand… God always needs us. Because it is TEAMWORK.

There are times when the war that is brought to you is too much for you and you have to call the heavenly host.
Exodus 14:13-14.

Something is happening in the world. There is a CHANGE but not like Satan envisaged.

Daniel 10: 1-15, 20- 11:1
The angel that had Daniel’s answer was withstood for 21days by the Prince of Persia. The Kings of Persia in this scripture were spirit beings. In the earth realm, there was a kingdom of Persia. But in the spirit realm, the Prince of Persia and his beings controlled what was happening on the earthly Persia.
Even after the angel delivered the message, he had to go back to fight because another Grecian kingdom was coming.
(There was a transformation from Persia to Greece which happened in the spirit realm first).
This same Angel Gabriel continues in chapter 11. He confirmed and Strengthened the Human King, Darius the Mede (he wasn’t a Jew).
Remember King Darius made decisions that Favored Israel.

We have powerful Angels in the heavenly realms who are working on our behalf.

That’s why we pray!!!
Jesus told us WATCH AND PRAY!!!

Already, there are several cities that have opened and have asked Churches and Religious groups to reopen and have their meetings.

We will pray for all churches that are meeting in whatever cities that they are. Whatever the devil proposes to do is turned upside down. The church is not a place of sickness. No evil that is planned will prosper. As you meet, God will bless. And if anyone sick comes in, they will be well because they came. All over the world. Amen

The best thing in any government is to leave the church alone. Wise leaders understand that. But when you trouble the church…
If you collide on this stone, you will be broken but whoever the stone falls upon, it will grind u to powder. Just leave the church alone.
There are those who through history planned for the complete extermination of the church. It never happened and will never happen. It is not possible to defeat the church.
When we pray, God hears. .that’s why we are always very peaceful. .because when you have power, you will be peaceful. The one in us is greater than he that’s in the world.

He told us ‘I will build my church and the gates of hell can never prevail’.
If you belong in the church of Christ, there are not enough demons to destroy you.
Flesh and blood are not your enemy. Your adversary is the devil.

Jesus said ‘in my name, you shall cast out demons’.
We have broken the power and influence over the nations of the world. We have cut him off.
Every day, we pray ‘In the name of Jesus, Satan we cut you off the nations, the governments, our streets’… And God said CONTINUE…MOUNT THE PRESSURE.

You can only understand these things if you are spiritual.
1 Cor 2: 11-14.
The wisdom of God is speaking and working through us. And all Satan’s intrigues have failed.
Psalm 53: 1-5
V5… Powerful.
Psalm 34:1-8

The weapons of our warfare are Mighty in the Holy ghost. They are mighty in the pulling down of strongholds.

James 4:6-7
The Lord gives more grace. Thank God!!!
Resist the devil, and he will flee.
We don’t resist the devil with muscles or earthly things because he is a spirit being. And the word says if we resist him, he will flee.
He wasn’t referring to smaller demons… If we resist THE DEVIL HIMSELF, he will run away as in-flight and fright. Imagine if the ‘biggie’ is scared, what will happen to the smaller demons?
We have exercised our dominion in Christ. He is afraid of the name of Jesus.

I have shown you how to take our lives seriously, how to respond spiritually, how to pray. When we pray, something happens. And whenever the URGE to pray, PRAY!
EVERYONE WHO HAS THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL HAVE THE URGE TO PRAY. He is the spirit of prayer. He stirs our hearts to pray. He puts words in our mouths.

Every Christian should be yielded to the Holy Spirit. From now, start living a spirit-led life. The coming of the Lord is near. Not much time left. The time is short. Every day counts.
You need to have the coming of the Lord in your heart from now on. This is a great reminder if the day in which we are living. Now you have to consider that you are living for the Lord. Let him be first in your life. He should be your focus in ALL THINGS. The days of living for yourself as though you are a non-christian are gone. The days of hiding your identity as a Christian are gone.
If you can hide your identity as a Christian, your faith is weak.
It is an exercise of your faith to demonstrate his Lordship in your life.
Change how you’ve been doing things.
Prioritize your life from now on. It has to be different.
Start learning to share the gospel with others.
Talk to others about Jesus.
Become prayerful.
Have a plan of prayer… Otherwise, you won’t pray.
There are so many activities (useful and useless) that could occupy your time and you won’t pray.
Prayer is not about asking for something you want.
You’ve got to have such tines where you are talking to God and not others.
Plan your prayer life. When are you going to pray? Set your phone alarm. If you are serious about it, there must be a way. Ask the Lord to guide you in planning your PERSONAL PRAYER SCHEDULE. and it’s better if you do it every day.
Have a schedule for every day. It’s better because it helps you have a spiritual consciousness every day.
You may ask ‘how long should I pray’?
You will know if you are not praying enough because it is a relationship with God.
Spend time praying and SAYING THE RIGHT THINGS.
The more time you spend in prayer, the more helpful it is to you. There is the edification of your spirit and education of your spirit that you get in prayer.
No-one educates you like the Holy Spirit. He teaches you and brings you information.
He enlightens you and guides you.

When you pray, keep writing materials close to you because he talks all the time and tells you what to do. God considers it important. You wouldn’t want to lose what he says.
It may not happen every day, but when he does, you will need to write it down.
The Holy Spirit is real. Take what he tells you seriously. If you will, he will talk to you.

Tomorrow we will fast from 6 am to 6 pm, but we will enter a phase of praise and worship.
On Sunday, we have a special Easter broadcast from 6pm to 9 pm showing on all stations.

We will start having a GLOBAL PRAYER DAY every quarter. Next one will be in June.

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Day 6

Today we are going to worship and praise in prayers and songs.

Psalm 33:1-22. Praise is comely for the upright.

Worship (Eben)
At the Centre of it all.
Jesus how I love you
God all by yourself
Shepherd of my soul
Prince of Peace (Worthy is the lamb that was slain)

Prayer session: Esteemed Pastor T.T Edun

Sovereign God (Eniola)
More than the world (Joe Praise)

Prayer session: Esteemed Pastor Deola Philips

Pastor Chris:
It’s important that whenever any major thing happens in your life, consult the word of God. Never use your own understanding. He tells us ‘lean not to your own understanding’. Consult the word for guidance. The Lord gives us wisdom.
When there’s a major crisis in the world, don’t look at things the way others do. You are not of this world. See with the eyes of the spirit, then you would know the type of response you should have.
All these years, no matter what country or city you’re in, that you have had liberty to worship God and praise him in a church… To attend crusades, beautiful meetings… How do you think they came about?
They came through a deep struggle; prayers, faith, determination, passion of other men and women.
So we inherited liberty to worship God, to gather and serve him in the great congregations and sing his praise.
Those who fought to make this happen, even died doing so
The Christianity that we have today, didn’t come on a platter of Gold. .not only did Jesus give everything and sacrifice himself for us, I’m talking of those who communicated his message to us down through the years.
Read church history and find out what the church went through. How did this message of Jesus Christ get to you? It got to you through the blood, sweat, tears and passion of other men and women because they believed it with all their heart and nothing was going to stop them from giving it to the next generation…the same faith that they received.

It takes spiritual dullness to not know what is going on in the spirit. To think that there was no problem… It was just about a virus…
No major crisis takes place in the world without spiritual undertone. Don’t deceive yourself.

2 Chronicles 20: 1-
Jehoshaphat was the King of Judah at the time.
When he heard the news, he called for fasting and prayers for help from the Lord.
(That’s why we have been consulting the biggest and the greatest- GOD HIMSELF)
God gave us the liberty to worship him and freedom to gather and we can sense that some want to take it away from us. So we began to pray and call on God.
Praise is fitting.
We give the Lord praise for His Mercy endures forever
The scriptures cannot be broken and it’s before the Lord that we rejoice and give praise. The whole Earth…all the nations..belong to God. Power belongs to Him.
He hears and answers prayer.
We prayed… He heard and the enemy was discomfited.

Remember the prince of Persia… The devil appoints princes over nations. But God also has his own princes.
The prince who the devil placed in charge of this has been brought down. He is unable to carry out his work. He and all the princes that worked with him. … And He can’t rise again till we are done. His work has been utterly shattered.
The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. The whole world belongs to Jesus Christ.
That’s why we are praising God. For he alone is worthy of praise and adoration.
He alone is God.
The faithful God.
The only true God. There’s none but Him.

Worship session: Eben
We worship your name.
Without Borders.

Tomorrow we fast for the final day.

Day 7

The Jesus we talk about is alive.
You heard the words of the angels when they spoke to the women and said ‘He is not here. He is risen as he said’.

The angel asked ‘ why do you seek the living among the dead’?.

At Easter time, we celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus. Because that’s when it happened. So, every year we celebrate it.
At this time, I want us to remember many of God’s people around the world who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ.

You know we are in a very special period. Just yesterday in Kansas, there was a judgement given forbidding churches in that state from meeting because of the COVID-19.
The issue is the threat that came from the judgement. That if anyone went to church, he could be given a Jail term of One year or more.
That should say something.
If the Governor and those with her are thinking about jailing someone for going to church for a term of at least one year…. What does that tell you about what they think about going to church post-covid-19? This means they are don’t plan for churches to meet.
But we are not ignorant of the devil’s devices.
That case was not necessary but they wanted a place to start. The legislators were even ready to settle out of court, but the Governor knew she could get a judgement on her side because of how the court is constituted.
She took it to the state supreme court and got the judgement.
That judgement will become a reference for other states…but in the name of Jesus, that case will be squashed. It will not survive. It is only for a time.

The devil wants to take advantage of this situation. Let us not sleep as do others.

Where is the true church? It’s times like this that prove and when you discover the true church.
Who thinks that this is good? Vs who is seeing with the eyes of the spirit? That’s how you know. It’s not difficult.

Those without the true spirit of Christ are never persecuted. Often they would be on the same side as the perpetrators, so they become collaborators.

Today, we will pray for those being persecuted.
Today ends a phase of the fast, so we will still celebrate our victories.

Isaiah 62:1-6-7
We are not dealing with Israel or Jerusalem physically. We are looking at it spiritually.

Years ago, as a teenager, I would pray with these scriptures for the church of Jesus Christ around the world. This is so important. What we are seeing today is a reminder of many things that the Lord has told us in his word.

From this Wednesday, all pastors and ministers will fast and pray for the churches of Christ around the world and for ministers of the gospel around the world for 7 days.
The bible talks about the apostasy that’s coming and the great falling away of the faith. So we need to fast and pray.

Pray for Gods people.
Pray for Gods church.
Nothing will dampen their faith.
They will be strengthened and encouraged by this message of resurrection.
Nothing will weaken them.

There are some people who have never heard of the Rapture of the church.
Today we will discuss it from a certain perspective.

Someone said they heard the Rapture is a Hoax. All they read in the Bible was about Jesus coming again.
We have a lot of Christians today who really never studied the bible. They just use the search engine.
You will not find the word ‘Rapture’ in any verse.

1 Cor 15:51-
Paul is writing to the Corinthian church. Most don’t understand this because its a mystery: divine revelations and esoteric revelations that Paul brought to the church.
In the days of Jesus in the earth, the disciples knew nothing about the gentiles coming into Christ. In all the discussions that Jesus had with them, they didn’t have a clear understanding that it would happen. There were many things that Jesus didn’t talk about. He said ‘I have many things to tell you but you can’t receive them now, but when the Holy Spirit of truth comes, he will teach you all things’.
He said he would build his Church but the disciples thought it was. Jewish church. To the point that the disciples were angry with Peter when he went to the house of Cornelius. He had to explain to them his experience with the spirit. He explained how the Holy Spirit came upon the gentiles while he was speaking to them without his permission.
James dug out the first clue that the prophets of old spoke of it.
It was only Paul that was given this full revelation.

Paul called the Rapture a mystery. It’s going to happen so fast. You won’t have time to prepare for it because you would have been preparing for it all your life.

1 Thess. 4: 16-17
Same trumpet referred to in 1 Corinthians.
We will be caught up together with him. We will be snatched away. Raptured! No matter where you are, the power of God will snatch you away from this world.
Christians who have died will be resurrected first. Then we will join up and meet the Lord in the air.

When will it take place? ANYTIME SOON. It’s closer than its ever been.
The church of Jesus Christ was given 2 days… That’s 2000 years. The scriptures are so clear (someone would have to pay you NOT to see it). Find out if there are any scriptures that contradict what was taught earlier.

All those who are in Christ Jesus will be caught up.

John 15:1-8. To be in Christ, you abide in him and be fruit-bearing. Make up your mind that you will be a fruit-bearing branch. Jesus is coming for every branch that remains in the vine because anyone that is not bearing fruit will be cut off.

Who is going to be at the Marriage supper of the Lamb?
Rev 4:1-
Jesus opens chapter 4 with this (after closing the monologue on the church in chapters 1-3 of revelation). You don’t see the discussion of the church mentioned again until towards the end of revelation. From Revelation 4 to 19, the church is not there. They are in Heaven.
We do have the tribulation saints which will join the body during the period of the tribulation.
In chapter 18, the destruction of religion (Babylon, the Mother of Harlots) is shown.
Rev 19: 1
Next week we will discuss ‘mystery Babylon’.
If you knew what Religion and Religious people have done to the church over the years…
Most don’t know the history of the church.

In Rev 19, John is seeing what is happening in Heaven
V9 -10.
Who is this Bride?
Rev 21:1-2, 9-
In chapter 4, the church is taken away.
In chapter 5, we see preparations.
From chapter 6, we see the horrendous things that will take place.
The church is not the body of Christ, not the bride of Christ. The bride of Christ is a City and the church is a part of the bride of Christ.
The Lamb’s book of life is the same as the Book of life. .Moses referred to it. Several books of scripture refer to it.

In Christ is salvation. The old testament saints have gone to heaven. They were in Hades when they died (Abraham’s bosom). The only 2 that never went there were Enoch, Elijah and Moses. Even though Moses died, God took him to Heaven because he came from Heaven to visit Jesus at the Mount of transfiguration.
Matt 27:51-53
When Jesus died, he broke into Hades and set the old saints all free.
When He ascended, he took them to Heaven.
He was received by a cloud…. Same cloud referred to in Hebrews as the cloud of witnesses.
(Refer to scripture in Psalm regarding ‘lift up your head oh ye gates’).

Jesus was the first to come out of death.
(Imagine that David saw all that revelation before it ever happened)

Rev 19:10; 21:27; Heb. 12:22-24. Heb. 11:8-16.
This is the same city that we will be in. The heavenly Jerusalem.

During the second half of the tribulation is when the ‘second flight’ will take place.
Rev 7:9-17… At this time, Jesus had not returned to the earth, so when did they go to heaven???
Rev 15: 2-4, 20:4
Marriage supper of the lamb takes place before Jesus returns to the earth.
Those who went during the ascension are there.
Those who went during the rapture are there.
Those who did not worship the beast during the tribulation are there.

Rev 19:11-16
we are in Heaven at this time; we have been at the marriage supper of the Lamb
Jesus comes out of Heaven and transforms from a bridegroom into a man of war.
Why does Jesus take the robe dipped in blood? Its a sign of the purchase he made with his blood for the soul of every man on earth. We were not bought with silver, gold or precious stones. We were bought with a price.
We are dressed in linen (the righteousness of saints – Christ’s righteousness) as we follow him.

Jude 1:14-15. The Lord is coming to end that tribulation on earth because they come to war over Jerusalem.
Matthew 24: 29-30.
He comes out of heaven
Zech 14:1-5.
Jude 1:14-15 you will give account for the ungodly words you spoke against Jesus.

The Rapture is so close. We were not given a time for the Rapture but he gave us timing for the second coming…and we know the rapture will take place before the second coming.

*In the Rapture, Jesus doesn’t come to the earth … we meet him in the air. In the Second coming He comes with us to the earth to execute Judgement.*

The Holy Ghost is ministering all over the world at this hour, calling men to salvation.
He calls all men to repentance, into his salvation.
Accept Christ into your heart. Walk in his light.
This is your hour. This is your moment.
Ask him to come into your heart. Its time to put away sin from your heart. Its time to serve him.

*Pst. Benny:*
I want to encourage you all because I believe 2 things are going to happen soon.
There’s no doubt in my mind that persecution is coming to many parts of the world soon. .we will see a great falling away and as well, a great move of God in the church. It will be so powerful that what happened in Acts 5 will happen again. In the world, we will see darkness we have not seen before and in the church, we will see great glory.
The Rapture must happen before wrath comes upon the earth.
I believe its time we all become very focused and very connected to our heavenly calling and be disconnected to this earth, and our past and what this earth represents.
Now we are all rejoicing about the victory of Calvary and the resurrection of Jesus which is the foundation of our life
Heb. 11:8-10, 13-16
Here is an amazing revelation of what Abraham was looking towards.
For all of us, its time for us to press towards the same goal.
We have to start seeing the heavenly. Seeing who we are. Seeing what God has promised us and seeing ourselves as strangers in this earth.
Start declaring that you don’t belong here.
Abraham stopped being connected to his ‘home country’.
Yes, persecution may even start sooner than expected but what do we do as believers when this happens? What do we do when the great falling away starts?
The true church will NEVER walk away.
Any individual who ever had a face to face encounter with the Living Christ could never walk away.

We are to set our affections on things above. That’s the only way to survive the coming days.
Abraham was a rich man but was willing to live in a tent away from his country… Because he was looking for a heavenly city.
The bible describes that city as 15,000 miles in every direction.
We are strangers here.
1 Peter 1:1.
Psalm 102: 25-27
2 Pet 3:4
People would say ‘things are the same, nothing has changed.. ‘ but they should remember this:
The world was once destroyed by flood. One day it will be destroyed by fire. And only those who are in Jesus will endure.
Mankind will be placed in 2 classes.
1. Those who live to fulfil their desires
2. Those who live to fulfil the plan of God.
When we begin to see ourselves as strangers, knowing all these things are coming… How are we preparing? We are heavenly and must not see ourselves as people who belong to this world.
2 Peter 3:11-12
1. We should live holy lives.
2. We should be a forward-looking people. Looking towards the appearing of the Lord. Call for his coming. We must keep preaching and teaching this.
Titus 2: 13.
3. We shouldn’t be passive people waiting for zero hour. We are to be BUSY declaring the word of God like never before. Occupy!!! Be actively involved in ministry.

Because we are a heavenly people rescued from the dominion of darkness and entered into the kingdom, we are the heavenly colony on earth. Our thinking must become dominated by Heavenly things/Unseen world. 2 Cor 4:18.
We must start this NOW.
We must stop looking at the things which are seen and begin looking at the things which are not seen.
Acts 26:19
We have to be so captured by heaven that we begin living on earth, the Heavenly life. Begin living your heavenly life in this life.
Don’t be MINDFUL of earthly things… DISCONNECT!!!
Salvation is our heavenly call and vision.
Phil 3:12-14.
We are to press towards the goal with everything within us.
Forget everything that is behind.
Press with everything within you.
Press and take hold of the prize: gaining the fullness of Jesus. .
Don’t be distracted. Don’t look at things that don’t help you.
Look at the scriptures like never before.
Embrace Heaven!

Pst. Chris:
Today, we have 3.25 billion people connected to this broadcast. Excluding those watching on 400 TV stations.
Let Christ rule in you.
There are those who are not so proud to identify themselves with the Lord.
In 2nd Thess 1:10. The day is coming when Jesus will be admired. We will be so proud of him. He is coming in great glory. Others will be terrified of him because he will come for Judgement for them.

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You take on the character of what you watch and listen to.
Be careful of what you allow your children watch. Don’t feed them with Netflix.


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