Prayer for Sexual Difficulty with Partner

My Father in Heaven.

From the beginning, you created man to leave together with his wife and enjoy all the benefits of being together.

You blessed marriage and Sex is one of the blessings you gave to a man and his wife.

As a married person, you gave me a right to good and satisfying sex.

Your word says that you wish above all things that we prosper and be in good health.

A healthy person will have a good sexual relationship.

I pray for me and my spouse that our sexual affairs will be fulfilling and satisfying for us both.

I declare that our bodies are blessed in your Holy name.

All our sexual organs, and hormones are functioning properly.

Everything about us is blessed, including our sex in your holy name.

We enjoy the full benefits of every part of our body.

I will not imagine any other man/woman as more sexually satisfying than my partner.

Every one of our sexual intercourses will be memorable and a proof that sex is indeed a huge blessing.

As a man, I receive the strength to satisfy my wife.

I am healthy, strong, and perfect.

As a woman, I work together with my husband to have the maximum fun.

Our emotions are guided, and directed to have the best romantic affairs.

No devil will come in between us.

Demons will not have their way in our homes.

I say no to long-lasting quarrels.

I say no to demons that break romantic moments with arguments.

I say no to distractions of friends, phones, chores, or anything else that will hinder me from having sexual relations with my partners.

I declare that my partner is healed in any part of his/her body that needs healing.

All of the reproductive organs receive life, right now, in the name of Jesus.

I declare that our home is blessed.

Thank you Lord Jesus for blessing me and my spouse with the gift of sex.

We will enjoy it to the fullest.

We’ll have the closest bond possible and ever be happy.

Our home will continually be peaceful together with our children, and you as our captain.

All glory to your name forever.


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