Prayer When You’re Hungry and Have No Food

Dear Father,

I thank you for the life you have given to me.

You gave me air to breathe in for free and I am grateful for it.

Thank you for all the many good things you have done for me.

Your Word says in the book of Psalm 23:1 that you are my shepherd and I shall not want.

I declare that according to your word, all my needs are met today.

I receive my daily bread for today.

I declare that there is a divine provision for me today.

I receive wisdom to get money.

Angels are bringing food for me.

Whoever you have sent to bless me, will not hesitate in the name of Jesus.

I receive strength in the name of Jesus.

Thank you, Lord, for answering my prayer.

In the name of Jesus, I have prayed.

About the author

Michael Adegoke is a Christian Creative. He is passionate about changing lives through the infallible Word of God. He finds joy in helping others. His journey with Christ started at the early age of 15. Michael is also a WordPress Expert and he also enjoys teaching everything he knows. Check out his website for more information.

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