We are Saying Thank you Jesus – Mp3 Download

We are Saying Thank you Jesus – Gbenga Adenuga ft. Wale Adenuga, Beejay Sax and Kunle Meshida

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For all the years we breathe your air

For all our prayers that hit your ear

For all the days and all the night

For all the pains and all the cries

For all the friends you gave to us

The fights you fought unknown to us

For all our plans you brought to pass

For all the songs and all the dance

We are saying thank you Jesus

Thank you our Lord

For all the times l sinned and prayed

And how you heard and still forgave

For all the times l hit a stop

And how you pulled me to the top

For all the times fear gripped my soul

Your name, your song, your word console

For all the days l felt alone

You said my child you’re not alone


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