Zoe Adesina Instrumental – Birthday Gift from Spoken Word Minister

Spoken Word


I look good

Yes I do and you do too

But I’m not talking about this

See, I speak of the authentic identity

See this is just a lavish case for the best

product ever made

The authentic identity

If you see what I see then truly

You’ll know that you are the crowning jewel

of all creation

So glorious, so effervescent

Oh God, my God

I see Him radiating from you

And who’d dare question the origin of such


It must come from beyond a realm what senses

can comprehend

And then it gets brighter

Just when I thought I had seen the best

Another comes to contest with previous beauty

Oh my!

My heart is inditing a good matter

No matter what anyone tells me

I know I have seen the hand of God

The recreated human spirit dipped in eminence

Like the face of Moses embossed by God’s presence

Because we stood on that mount

Face to face for days

Revelling in the glory that now causes us

to shine

I want to look like this all the time

And we are changed and re-aligned to God’s

record of us

And no dust can disrupt the brilliance we

give off

Because His Word polishes us

And the real you

You long for this Word

For more than the symbols and syntax across

a page

And more than the elegant sounds that my mouth


It’s not the niceties of vocabulary that appeases

a man’s spirit

But what can be ceased from within in it

The rhema extracted

From inside the husk of humdrum human language

The real you wants nourishment

Wants sustenance to build up its ligaments

Yes, the real you wants to flex its spiritual


With faith-filled words and faith-filled actions

Causing this spiritual reaction to take place

Fighting the fight of faith

And spitting in the face of debt

Of sickness

Of depression

Of any challenge of immigration

Yes, the real you wants to build this spiritual


Yes, the Word gave birth to this

To you and me

And to this glory that we see

From the incorruptible seeds that live and

abide forever

So maintain your glow

Flaunt it so the whole world knows

And as they follow us as we follow Christ

They get to taste this life and become some

Real good looking people

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Zoe Adesina Instrumental

Zoe Adesina is an award-winning Spoken Word Minister, she has dedicated 5 amazing instrumentals for free downloads. See the links below.


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