Loveworld Music Artist [2020 List]

Loveworld Music Artist 1: Sinach

Loveworld Music Artist 2: Frank Edwards

3: Ada

4: Eben

5: Israel Strong

Alert! - Rapture will take place in not later than 2030. Watch video here.

6: Buchi

7: Martin PK

8: CSO

9: Joe Praise

Alert! - Rapture will take place in not later than 2030. Watch video here.

10: TB1

11: Peeyu

12: Sophia

13: Eli-J

14: Testimony

15: Rosey

16: Ada Ehi

 17: T Sharp

18: Urflames

19: Jerry K

20: Samsong

21: Fallon Light

22: Chris Shalom

22: Kathy Woghiren

23: Jahdiel 

24: Kasid

25: Obi Shine

26: Sharon

27: Conrad

28: Mayo

29: Snypa

 30: Password

31: Soltune

32: Mr Noble

33: Yanick

34: Gil Joe

35: Ayo Vincent

36: Winter

 37: Isaiah Samson

38: Jeannine Zoe

39: Chookar

40: Trusouth

41: Mr. Revelation

42: Sparkles

43: Pastor Saki

44: Sammie McAuley

45: Ritasoul

46: Xano

47: Dapsy

48: P-Centric

49: Pastor Ruthney


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