Loveworld Stations on DSTV
Loveworld Stations on DSTV

Loveworld Stations on DSTV

Loveworld Stations on DSTV have been blessing lives for a long time now as Rev. Chris Oyakhilome and other anointed ministers of the gospel release inspiring materials on air. These materials after ignited the zeal for success in many ways. You can only do yourself a favor by tuning in to the frequencies of the Loveworld stations on your decoder, you will never remain the same again if you watch these stations consistently for 3 months.

Loveworld Stations on DSTV: Loveworld Plus

To watch the Loveworld Plus channel on your DSTV, see the settings for different continents.

Step 1: On your DSTV remote, press the menu button

Step 2: Go to Advance Option
Step 3: Then go to dish installation
Step 4: enter the code 9949
Step 5: Select network 2
Step 6:Then enter frequency 12322,  FEC 2/3,  Symbol rate – 23437,  Polarization -Horizontal
Step 7: Use nit yes
Step 8: Request re-Scan

C. Any Free To Air Decoder (Loveworld Plus Frequency 2019)

If you would like to watch loveworld plus from a free to air decoder and in any part of the world, use the following settings.

Position: 16.0°E

Satelite: Eutelsat 16A

Beam EIRP (dBM): Sub-Sahara Africa

Frequency: 12562 H

System: DVB-S2

Source: S Rittner


Position: 10.0°E

Satelite: Eutelsat 10A

Beam EIRP (dBM): C41

Frequency: 3736 R

System: DVB-S2

Source: M Hajdú

Position: 10.0°E

Satelite: Eutelsat 10A

Beam EIRP (dBM): C41

Frequency: 3835 R

System: DVB-S2

Source: M Hajdú


Loveworld Stations on DSTV: Loveworld Sat

To watch loveworld sat follow these steps on your decoder.

Decoder Settings

DECODERS (Dsd660, 720i, 910, UPWARDS).

Step 1: Press MENU go to Advanced Options and press OK.
Step 2: Go to Dish Installation and press OK.
Step 3: Enter PIN Code 9 9 4 9.
Step 4: On Dish Installation menu
Step 5: Press Ok on Network 2.
Step 6: Use the right arrow to select “IS/20 and Press OK
Step 7:  Go to FREQUENCY (line 6) & press OK.
Step 8: Enter 12506 and then press OK
Step 9: Symbol Rate 26657
Step 10:FEC 1/2
Step 11: Polarization Vertical
Step 12: Go to accept displayed values, and press OK

THEN MOVE TO Other networks and insert the following:

Network No: 3
Use your right arrow and select IS/20
Frequency 12605
Symbol Rate 26657
FEC 1/2
Polarization Vertical
Go to accept displayed values press ok
Continue on network 4
Use your right arrow and select IS/20
Frequency 11674
Symbol Rate 26657
FEC 1/2
Polarization Vertical

Press TV button and move down to Public IS 20 and press OK.
Press P+ or P- until you find LoveWorldSAT
To return to DSTV, press TV button and select DSTV.
Kindly note if LoveWorldSAT does not pick and other Christian channels are showing Please do the following and follow the instructions carefully:

Go to your home network press ok
Go to LNB Hi change it to 10600
Press ok and come out
Then scan all networks


Loveworld Stations on DSTV: Loveworld USA

LoveWorld USA has moved to DirecTV Channel 366. This is for viewers in the United States.


You can watch most of the loveworld programmes on ceflix. Download the app on your mobile devices from the android or ios store. Click here for downloads.


The Believers Loveworld also have online radio stations where you can be blessed. Click here for more information on this.

Loveworld TV

If you like to watch online, you also have the option of watching many programmes on this online TV.

Loveworld Plus

For the online version of the Loveworld plus station, click here.

Loveworld Sat

Its interesting that almost all the Loveworld Tv Stations have online versions. You can also watch the loveworld sat right here.

Loveworld Television Ministry

For more information on all the television channels of the Believers Loveworld, check this website.

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